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  1. Just bought a 2011 special faded SG and seem to like the feel of it better than my 61 RE. Seems like no matter what I do the 61RE just will not loose up like the faded. It also seem to lack the ability for the same low action as the faded. Sad I like the faded better than the one that cost twice as much. I have small to average size hands, but prefer the rounded neck over the slim taper. So are some guitars just tight and nothing you can do?
  2. Anyone try these in their SG? You tube demonstrations vary greatly. Any opinions? Due the P-Rails sound as good as the Gibby P90s? I really like the 2014 Futura, but have read about people having problems keeping them in tune. Though it might be cheaper to install P-Rails in a special faded. Maybe have similar sounds and versatility? What do you all think? thanks Troy
  3. Larry, I appreciate you addressing the direct question. I actually read an article on how to get to Carnegie Hall, but don't think it addressed speed. Easy to get confused when you start looking at all the different methods on youtube and internet articles. It is great to be able to get information from so many seasoned players. thanks all, Troy
  4. Thanks again guys, I really appreciate the words of wisdom. Troy
  5. Ray, Thank you so much for the information. This is very helpful. I spend too much time on the technical end and not enough on the musicality. I get it. Now to put that to use. thanks much, Troy
  6. So I don't usually see a lot about playing on this forum. I assume most everyone is fairly seasoned. I have been playing and taking lessons for about 3 years. I have greatly improved, but seem to be having problems with speed. On the technical side I can play solos like enter sandman or crazy train, but just can't get certain parts up to speed. I have read about metronome, exercises etc.. I have doing been doing exercise, hammer on pull offs, etc.. Usually 10 minutes pretty much every day. Sometimes longer. Do I need more time? I am 42, I don't think I am too old to build speed? What have you all experienced? Thanks much.
  7. Thanks all. Buffalob, I will definitely check him out. I don't think $90 each is bad.
  8. So I guess that starts a whole new topic. What is the difference in sound from P90 to P94? I have tried listening on you tube, but if they are going for the tone you want to hear you don't know. Will you still get the same single coil sound or is some of that lost when the size changes?
  9. All great suggestions thanks. The seymour duncan P-Rail is awesome.
  10. So I'm wondering if I can install P90s into my 61RI. I will not route it out if they don't and I can't buy one with P90s right now. That is a lot of cash. The wife get upset ya know. What do u think? What about P94's?
  11. I have changed the strings, tried different sizes and neck adjustments. I am going to bring it to a luthier.
  12. Thanks for the quick responses.
  13. I did suspect the neck is twisted. It kinda looks like it. Is this expensive to fix?
  14. No, I don't have a bee in my under ware. I know that's bad, but I couldn't help my self. My Epi SG has a buzz in the G string mostly when fretted. The only way to get rid of it is to raise the action higher than factory specs. Any suggestions?
  15. Yeh would like it a little more narrow. Slip taper is fine for depth. The Angus Young has similar measurements as my 1995 strat(squire series). Just about right.
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