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  1. rickenbackers stickers are cooler than both !!!
  2. i don't know about you , but i love sixstrings new guitar !!
  3. to check the action , measure at the 12th fret , from top of fret to bottom of string should be 5/64 at low E and 3/64 at high E . the action can be made faster by lowering it , but watch for rattles and buzz . To check intonation, compare the pitch of a string that is fretted at the 12th fret against the harmonic at the 12th fret (accomplished by touching the string lightly with the left hand, without pressing it all the way to the fret). If the fretted note is higher than the harmonic, the string should be lengthened by moving the saddle toward the tailpiece until the two notes are
  4. its allways handy to have either a prs or an ibanez as well ..... you can use them for parts to temp. fix your real guitars .
  5. it went on ebay (16 watchers) , here , harm central , and m-l-p .... in the end it sold via phone and email pics to a guy on h-c. i will get one (or 2 or 3 or 4 etc.) in the future ... maybe a christmas present for myself . i recommend every player try-out the strummer tele ... the neck is a work of art . especially for fast barre playing . pity my 72 is a 3bolt neck , or i'd have one on that too ...
  6. and people who take there head out of there *** and just play music play both . :-
  7. i had too :- money going out , but none coming in . to my surprise , my wife is trying to talk me out of selling the strummer tele !!!
  8. just snapped off some pics before the gold-tops shipped ... nice contrast eh ?? (56 lespaul gold-top Vs 66 strummer telecaster)
  9. strummer and jones are my obvious choices .
  10. i will be borrowing a camera tonight to take better pics , but do you all thing these angles will cover it on ebay ??
  11. whats the difference in a real one and a fake ?? mine has what looks like a piece of wood under it to fill in the curve .
  12. thanks a lot , thats excellent !! do you mean the front of the bridge , or like this ?
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