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  1. Hi

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  2. Hi Rob, I'm glad you enjoyed your Memphis Gibson factory tour. I visited also that factory last July 3rd, 2018 and even though I had an idea of how they were building those ES guitars, it was a real pleasure to make that tour. I have found your post as I was searching for the same code: HB015M which I have seen on a ES-330L with P90 in factory Beale Street Blue color (for sale in Europe). I have found out that they indeed have built a 100 of those guitars around 2011 but if you are correct saying that 015 indicates the 15th guitar out of 100 then we are talking about the same guitar?
  3. Yep, the "n" in the logo looks weird also. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I've spotted this Gibson Les Paul that is on sale in my town. I find the tuners look like they're placed too far from the top of the headstock (where the logo is inlaid). It also lacks the Custom Shop logo (although this could be done on purpose since it sports a MOP inlay on the face plate). Serial number is 02005563 or 02005063 (hard to tell from the pic). I've made a combo pic with those from the seller so you can provide with your input. PS: The asking price is low (1000€). Could be explained by a non original hardcase, no COA and an urgent need of cash but I hav
  5. Yep, especially in triburst with a flamed maple top. Mine was purchased at Guitar Center and came with a thin neck instead of the usual rounded profile. Its serial is #1033 of 2007.
  6. I would say it might be a natural blonde finish from the late 50s or early 60s (you can spot the red label inside the f hole in the video but I wasn't able to see if there was the black stinger pattern on the back of the headstock that is found sometimes on blonde finished ES 335)
  7. I haven't shot pictures yet (except the Gibson family pic in my presentation) but will add pictures to this thread as soon as I can. I recorded a quick video yesterday with a close up of the bridge and b bender saddle. But don't look for a B-bender expert as it's the first time I play such device. Here is the link to my video:
  8. Hi all, I've just bought a Les Paul Special with a factory fitted Glaser B-Bender. The guitar looks awesome with this typical Telecaster wood configuration (maple neck and ash body) and it plays great (I wouldn't have purchased it otherwise, uh?). On Gibson website they say that you can set it to a G-Bender as well. I assume it's only the B saddle that needs to be swapped with the G saddle but I was surprised not to find any documentation on how to setup the Glaser bender in the case. The only accessories it came with were: - truss rod tool, - strap lock set, - final checkup list,
  9. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the update. I'll go check this guitar again and will probably buy it. The finish is very classy. It's not as "in your face" as most sparkle finishes I've seen so far. Regards, Fred
  10. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your reply. The sparkle red was gone already but they had two more: a LP std red gold sparkle and a LP std dark red sparkle. Have you changed the material used for neck trapezoid inlays? They really seem like plastic on both those guitars? The inlays I had on my '96 LP Studio or those that are on my '89 LP Standard don't look like pearl but they don't look like plastic neither... Apart from the inlays, I really like the dark red (in fact it looks like dark oxblood with very little red sparkle in it). Its serial starts with CS8 and it doesn't feel very light (4-4,
  11. Hello, I have just spotted a brand new Gibson Les Paul Standard in Red Sparkle finish from the Custom Shop. Its serial number is CS88268 which I assume means the guitar was built in 2008. All sparkle finished Les Pauls I have seen until this one had only the top finished in sparkling color. Back and neck were finished in transparent color (just like typical sunburst Standard Pauls). This one is completely finished in sparkling red (but the headstock face plate and the fretboard). I'm considering buying this guitar but I'm wondering about the wood quality used (since you cannot see
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