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  1. My 2013 61 Reissue SG has a baked maple fret board, so reissues do have baked maple. It is one of my favorite guitars.
  2. Take it back to the store, get a different one, or forget that guitar and look for something else. Don't keep a guitar you don't like. quote name='Macronaut' timestamp='1479429934' post='1812987'] I am in the market for a new LP, leaning towards a standard but still looking at classics and trads. My main focus has been on the 2017 models. I got a chance to play a 2017 std in Blueberry burst... Right away I notice that the action was very high, even at the nut, I have never seen any Gibson or even an Epi this out of whack. Then I noticed some fairly bad black spots in the grain of the maple top between the pups (I guessing someone might have hoped that they wouldn't be so noticeable where they were located) which might not be a big deal to someone....maybe. But, even where the color was suppose to lighter near the center, it was virtually nonexistent, leaving nothing but clear coat...it just did not look right at all. I inspected the fret board closely and found a "very" poor job of scraping/filing of the binding to the frets and board (nicks, gouges, inconsistent edge angles, and unsmoothed edges). There was also glue or finish along the edges of the rosewood where the binding meets. It was not overspray, but looked more like what you might see on a glue joint that had not been cleaned up and was in more than a few places along the fret board. There also seems to be some kind of residue left on the fret board near the body. the condition of the fret board was completely unacceptable. There was also what looked like smudge on the top neck binding which appeared to be from a dirty hand before the final clear coat. Where the neck binding meets the binding on the body didn't look proper either. There was a small gap and just didn't match up very well. The finish on the back of the headstock (apparently way to thick) made it nearly impossible to see the "Made in USA" unless you got the light to reflect just the right way, even then it was very difficult to make out all of the letters....much the same for the SN, though not as bad. I am having a hard time with how bad the workmanship seems to be, and not with just one or two minor things but a handful of in your face stuff and the fact that QC let it ship makes it even worse. Needless to say that this example of the 2017 std. really took the wind out of my sails, left me very disappointed, and even embarrassed for Gibson, especially at close to three grand or even more for the HP. I thought Gibson had been getting their act together I will not write them off from one example...but still....
  3. omni43

    Howdy and NGD

    I have a 2013 61RI with baked maple finger board. Best built guitar I have and one of my favorites.
  4. [if you advertised it for 275.00, and got people that want to buy it; why do you think it's OK to pull it and ask more money for it? That sucks and I would be pissed if you don't honor what you asked for it.
  5. I would show up with $200.00 in hand; if he does not accept it, take the guitar and smash him over the head with it. Hopefully it will break again. I don't think there are any other options.
  6. Just being sarcastic. I would have done the same.
  7. I knew there had to be a reason, just didn't know what. When I first realized the bridge was askew; it really freaked me out, thinking, "how could Gibson do something so stupid." Thanks for the reply.
  8. That is quite a difference from the picture. Although not the only factor, the color is important to me. I would send it back. I've seen one of those in Guitar Center and it looked like the first picture.
  9. I was doing a little set up on my 61 reissue tonight and for the first time I was realized that the bridge was not straight on this guitar. I go right to the internet and search it and find nothing. So I start looking at 61 reissue pictures and sure enough all of them have a crooked bridge! Does anyone know why that is the case? Here is a picture from Gibson's website, and if you look you can see that the end closest to the pick guard is higher. Anyone know anything about that?
  10. Recently got a Epiphone Ltd Ed Les Paul Custom 100th Anniversary. This guitar is amazing. Not only is it beautiful, but it's better built than I ever thought it would be. Very well set up right out of the case. Check one out if you get a chance.
  11. [sorry, I didn't mean to start a whole new topic, I thought that I was posting in an existing subject. I was referring to the Les Paul Custom 100th Anniversary Outfit. http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/2015/Epiphone-Ltd-Ed-Les-Paul-Custom-100th-Anniversary.aspx
  12. I can find nothing in writing anywhere as to the origin of manufacture. Has anyone heard a verifible answer? Or has anyone actually played one? They are great looking guitars, and if they are quality, the price is great.
  13. Sounds like a great guitar. BTW I checked my nuts, they're OK, thank you.
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