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  1. well thanks guys but yea i finaly sourced out my epi,, and it is a 2010 les paul 1960 classic 50th anniversary model,,,the serial number on these are misleading the f dont stand for japan and the 3 is not 2003 ,and yes these were limited edition custom shop guitars, the used stamp means it was given away to someone as a gift or a sample and that is why the last 3 digits in serial number or erased aswell, ha,,it as malory tone capacitors, burstbucker 1 and 2,willckonson delux tuners,real good heavy duty 3 way switch and volume tone knobs that will last for ever, and she is a beauty to look at, but what i realy like about this guitar is the sound that comes out of it.
  2. yea it is a korean made and i think its a EPIPHONE LIMITED EDITION 1960 LES PAUL STANDARD cause those came with wilkonson tuners from the pics i looked at so the mystery is solved ,,as long as it play and sounds great i really dont care were it was made but i am a little disapointed cause i wasd told that it was made in japan wen i bouth it. thanks for all the great help guy,s..
  3. i found the guitar dater project it says Your guitar was made at the Fuji-gen Plant, Japan 2003 Production Number: 07887
  4. no i dont have that headstock mine is all epiphone,,but what puzzles me is why is there a stamp that says USED on the back of the headstock and it is stamped undertneat the lacker. but the serial does start with an F
  5. hey guy,s im trying to figure out what i got here,,its a 2003 fugigen factory in japan made epiphone les paul cherry burst flame top wilkonson tuners and hardware no markings on the plactic plate covering the truss rod,its heavy as well,on the back of the neck it says limited edition custom shop,serial is f307 then its hard to make the other 2 numbers but it looks like 31 and the last one looks like a 2, there is also another stamping that says used and its stamped the same as the serial number meaning its under the lacker,,it looks great flawless,,and plays and sounds as good as my old classic 60 gibson i had.
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