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  1. just got a brand new epi sg g400 66 edition and noticed a rattling up near the headstock when i shake the guitar. all tuners are tight. could a new guitar have a loose truss rod so soon. less than a month old.
  2. yes,thats what i mean. seems to play alright but i'm a beginner,so...........
  3. i just purchased a brand new epi sg g400 66 limted and the nut is about a sixteenth of an inch too short. its not flush with the top of the fretboard. is this alright or should i send it back?
  4. cant figure out which has the thinner neck by the way they describe.
  5. i'm just startin out and was wondering the diff between the two.
  6. the diff between an epi sg 400 pro and a sg 400 66 pro?
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