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  1. My audio levels are really low too, have to crank the amp right up to get any volume. Wonder if it would make any difference if it had its own power supply? I read somewhere that the DJC.4 can struggle a bit relying on USB power from laptop alone...
  2. Thanks for your suggestion, SoundInsurgent sorry for the delay in replying. I had to figure out what timecode was first, but unfortunately this is definitely not what I'm after. I just want to incorporate my existing vinyl records into the mix, as a channel on the DJC.4. Do you know if this is possible? Thanks again for your time.
  3. I've just bought a DJC.4 and finding the same thing, though not sure whether it's the software Virtual DJ LE or the controller. Very interested to hear what the engineers have to say. Thanks for posting, glad to know I'm not going crazy!
  4. Hi guys, first time on here, hope you can help! I've just purchased a Stanton DJC.4 controller with Virtual DJ LE, along with a T.92 turntable, and wondering whether it's possible to have the turntable as an input so I can effectively mix both vinyl and digital tracks (or would I need to upgrade to Virtual DJ Pro?) I have the controller set up as follows: USB connection to i7 laptop with 8BG RAM RCA audio LR from Master Out to Yamaha receiver RCA audio LR from Stanton T.92 to Input 1 on controller At the moment, the only way I can get the turntable to play through the controller is by switching from PC to THRU, but then I can't use any of the controller functions to mix vinyl and digital tracks together. I've looked through the audio setup guide and appears I need to assign an action script for the turntable input, but can't find the relevant options in Virtual DJ LE to do this. I'm guessing it may only be available in the pro version, but hesitant to upgrade when I'm just starting out... Seeing as the sales guy who sold this assured me that I could incorporate the turntable into the mixing setup from scratch, I'm hoping I've just missed something. Thanks for reading Pete
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