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  1. There doesn't seem to be anywhere in the Gibson Custom section of this forum to put you new Customs!!! So will put it in here where most the activity is. Picked up this a while back. A 2004 Custom. Pickup covers were taken off by the previous owner but I like the way it looks without them. This guitar is amazing. A dream come true to have one. Sounds so good and feels so good to have it in my hands.
  2. This is my Trad. I love the traditional line, particularly when they have the 60s neck carve like my 2012 model does. This one has a satin finish which is so nice.
  3. Just saw this post. Didn't bother readingn down through the responses but sound like you need to lube up that nut!!! Big Bends Nut Sauce is a must. Your guitar should always have it on it.
  4. Here's my 2008 Explorer...added Hipshot Grip Lock tuners to it recently. :)
  5. This is my new LP Traditional Mahogany Satin. Got it a week ago and I'm in love with it. Kicked the crap out of the Standard I played on the same day in the shop, and 600 Euro cheaper!!! :)
  6. **UPDATE** Got my tuners and the custom made UMP that Hipshot made me. The boss of the place was emailing me to send pictures as it's the first ever use of an UMP that he knows of on an Explorer. Pics of install are on sevenstring.org....link below http://www.sevenstring.org/forum/standard-guitars/226291-n-old-gd-gibson-explorer-classic-white.html#post3389081
  7. Luckily i have a 2008 model so have the lovely ebony board on my classic white explorer. Got so lucky finding that model. I love it. You instantly transform into James Hetfield when you put it on. Yeah as Riffster said those tuners are jerky and very unreliable in my view. I have a huge problem with the quality of Grovers. I'm waiting for delivery of Hipshot Grip Lock Open tuners with a mounting plate that Hipshot custom made for me for FREE!! These are 18:1 ratio and are meant to be outstanding. Extremely smooth and accurate and locking, in my view, is the only way to go with pretty much
  8. Well I just picked up one 3rd hand made in 2008 and I love it. Feels great and sounds huge!! As I have posted already in another thread the only thing wrong are the Grover tuners. Pure low-grade crap. Switching them out soon.
  9. Just to update again. Hipshot have actually made me a custom mounting plate for the tuners and threw it in for free. Soundest bunch of people I've ever dealt with. Spoke to the guys in New York on the phone (i live in Dublin, Ireland). They took measurements off me and they maching everything in their shop so they manufactured me the mounting plate especially for my Explorer. LEGENDS!!!! Those Grovers will be going in the bin...I wouldn't have the cheek to try and sell such crap second hand. As you can tell my hatred for them is pretty fierce!! :)
  10. Just thought I'd update this seeing as I got in touch with Hipshot. They confirmed that their UMP will fit the Explorer which is great news. Now I can actually put some top notch hardware on my Explorer and get rid of those horrendous Grovers. Worst bit of hardware out there in my view...don't know why Gibson persists with this crap and not embrace the advanced made in guitar hardware more often. Traditionalists I suppose!
  11. Hey, Just wondering if anyone has replaced the mini gorvers on an Explorer with locking tuners and what was your experience? I'd be very interested to hear if anyone has installed Hipshot Grip Lock on an Explorer and used their Universal Mounting Plate.
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