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  1. Thanks Green Hornet! I have a lot of medical expenses, and if I dedicate one room only for business, can I write of one of my computers, boxing tape and dispenser, auto mileage, auto expense, and printer, too???
  2. Well, I need some expertise. I'm "planning" to open an eBay store in the near future because I'm running out of room for shipping cartons, cases and packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and it's taking up a lot of space in the bedroom I'm not using. I haven't yet made any sales, but I've been building a lot of inventory. Can I deduct that as a legit business expense?
  3. I believe I know EXACTLY what you guys are going through...because I'm going through the very same thing. And my shrink agrees with me. She said I had a "personality disorder" but I disagree. She called it "obsessive/compulsive" but I just say, "I just gotta have it, and I gotta have it NOW!!!" I thought I kicked the habit last week when I scored a '91 Gibson "Chet Atkins" CE, but I'm afraid the seller gave me too good a price for me to stop now! I've got my eye on another Martin. I already own the exact same model, but that just seems unimportant. It's a discontinued model, and I feel like I better have an extra, just in case something happens to the one I already own. Makes perfect sense to me!!! I know I will have this one, even if it costs me every penny I can scrape together. I already know that's not gonna happen. For me, there's a principle at stake...if someone is going up against me, they're gonna have to go deep...very deep. I like it best when I have nobody bidding against me. I can usually scare them off when they realize that no matter what they bid, I will raise their bid until they finally give up. You know, when they realize they don't have enough to cover their bet, and close the deal. I will own my 6th Martin by end of business Tuesday. It's already been decided.
  4. Hey, Ksdaddy...I was wondering if you like Glen Campbell music? I'm pretty sure he played an Ovation guitar. Just how exactly did you get hooked? I'm much like that with Martin guitars, but I haven't lost control...yet. I'm trying to make a deal on another Martin as we speak, even though I already have the same exact model in my collection. I guess I'm not so crazy, after all!
  5. OMG!!! I think I'm in guitar heaven! Septic, that artwork is AMAZING!!! Is that "airbrush" on wood?
  6. I admire anyone that brings a guitar back from the woodchipper. I ran across an old Martin 2-17 mahogany parlor guitar that someone tried to fix, but failed. I noticed that the Martin logo was missing and contacted the people there to see whose arse I needed to kiss to get my hand on a Martin decal. I'm told it's a special type, that is difficult to install properly. Still waiting to hear back from my contact at Martin. Has anyone else run into this problem? How do restore a guitar to original condition without being able to attach a logo? I've got a pretty good color laser printer...maybe that would work. Feedback welcome.
  7. hahahahaha!!! Kids...don't ya just love 'em!!!
  8. Farnsbarns, I totally agree...you deserve to be compensated!!! I think you should go down to your nearest Gibson dealer, and pick it up, today!!! You can tell them that I said it was ok!!!
  9. Hey guys, some very interesting conversation going on. And, even though I'm not a big fan of SGs, they are looking better with each passing day! Pippy, I admire your honesty. If I ran across a seller that didn't realize what he had, I doubt if I would tell him, I'd just bid on the guitar, hoping nobody else was aware of the facts. In my opinion, it would be an easy win. I have my eye on a couple of classical guitars right now, evaluating when to make my first bid. How much am I willing to spend, and all that. Judging from what I've been reading, the serial numbers can be confusing. And, I am easily confused to begin with, and it can only get worse. I've got several days to figure it out. Do it put down $5 grand for a "vintage" or $1000 - $1500 on something that might be worth more at some point in the future?
  10. "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" - Freddie Fender
  11. When I saw the title of this thread, I just HAD to take a look. hahahahaha Dave, I'm pretty certain you will be getting more traffic through here. Good move!!!
  12. I usually associate "country" music with a Gibson acoustic-electric model. Martins & Gibsons are out on stage a lot. I associate the Fender Tele with Keith Richards, and a Gibson Midtown with Chuck Berry. Jimi Hendrix with a Strat and Bob Dylan, usually (but not always) with a Martin. I've never seen Black Sabbath perform, but I have only seen 1 or 2 Gibson SGs on stage. If they were being used by a lot of performers, I'm sure I'd see a lot more.
  13. Let me get in on this conversation. I'm surprised that the SG sells better. I own a Gibson LP Deluxe and love the way it looks and sounds. It's a custom set-up, but if it was still all original, I doubt if I could tell the difference in the sound. Personally, I would never consider an SG for my collection, but that's just me. I just don't care for the way they look. I also have a Gibson ES. I bought it because I liked how it looked, and I've seen a lot of Gibsons of that style being used by guys much smarter than me. Granted, these performers probably get most of their guitars handed to them for next to nothing or free, but most (I assume) have enough intelligence not to use equipment that is crap. Just my opinion. Glen
  14. Horsehockey, from the pics you posted, I can see that the tuners look authentic, but like Pippy mentioned, more pics, more bigger. Not sure what kind of storage capacity you have, but if you resize an original that's 1600 x 1000 (pixels) to 50% that would be good for ID purposes. The largest file that you can attach is 13.8Kb, which requires most of my photos to be resized, using a *.jpg file extention. If the photos are a saved in a different format (.tif, .bmp, .gif) it may require resizing even more. Glen
  15. I knew this would be a lively thread! Well, I'm part Scottish as well, but most people make the connection when they see my name. And being Scottish, some people say I'm cheap, but I just tell them I'm extremely frugal, and if they don't know the difference, you just can't fix stupid! I would show you my favorite guitar to play, but I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to import photos from my computer into my comments. Nevermind, I figured it out. That being said, I've never met a guitar I didn't like. I guess I would have to repeat what others have said...whatever guitar I am playing at the moment is my favorite, which is usually my Mr Lester. Glen
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