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  1. I have a 2012 model (no pickup) and if it had a thicker 1940s neck, I might not own a single other guitar. It's incredible....
  2. had the same search as you...i would play these or make sure you can return easily. many i tried were in fact dead sounding. i looked at recording king, epiphone, eastman & larivee. Hard to say what you are looking for via an internet thread, but methinks you might need to look around. I stumbled upon a used washburn 125th anniversary edition parlor that was $495 all in with the case. It's one of my favorite guitars and always brings a smile to my face. The $15-$400 new guitars did nothing for me--I hope your luck will be different.
  3. amen. did not like the sound of that at all
  4. reviews are quite articulate and he's quite talented as a player but frankly his style doesn't suit me at all....makes me fell kinda funny actually. :)
  5. I have a banner maple lg2 and paid more than TM suggested was the price. I only saw two in my area (NYC) over the course of an approx 12-18 month search and I passed on a PRISTINE one that only had one cracked brace because it didn't have the tone. instead i bought one that needed a neck set (was a consignment guitar at a reputable shop and was paid for by the owner) and needed a new tone bar (paid for by me). one point, my understanding is that all the maple backs are laminate on these--someone could correct otherwise. both I saw in person had laminates and so does mine (mine has gorgeous birds eye inside and quilt on the outside) I'm in LOVE with mine and folks who have played it have uniformly been in awe. As for this guitar, it looks to me (NOT an expert) that it could be maple but without better pics it's impossible to tell IMO. That back formation down the center looks a bit odd. As someone else noted, it also has non original tuners and is definitely missing the back brace. likely missing others too unless it was stored upside down ;) check for other braces missing with a mirror. does it have any cracks in the top, sides or back? how is the neck angle? frets shot? fingerboard have divots? scrapes are likely cosmetic and it looks like she's been well played. I may be in the minority but I'd rather have one like this that was mostly right that one that's perfect and never been played--the ones that mostly have sounded best to my ears have been rode hard and put away wet....
  6. And for every piece in that room worth 50k, you paid more than at least one other person out there would. perspective ;)
  7. OWF--I have that exact Washburn and it's an utter joy to play. That neck made me a convert....perhaps the best $400 and change I ever spent.
  8. that tribute is seksy! is it a real V? I have a Washburn parlor with basically a 90 degree angle back there--love it.
  9. Just coming back to this thread...a few comments from even more time with these. First off, these are much larger than the planet waves--not in a bad way either. the sponges are bigger, the humidifier itself feels far more sturdy (for whatever that's worth) and the hinged lid is nice to be able to check on the sponge. With three in use I can safely say these easily trump any of the other options mentioned above. they last about twice as long as the oasis plus case humidifier (maybe even 3x more than the regular one), and maybe 4x longer than the planet waves which I found I needed to refresh every 2 days when it was really dry. still seriously impressed...
  10. To start, I have ZERO affiliation with the product and company I'm about to beam about.... Like many of you, dry winters has been a giant PITA for me over the years and I've always found it a chore to keep up with my acoustics during this season. At various times, I've used oasis case humidifiers, planet waves sponges, drugstore sponges in soap cases, Arion case humidifiers, herco, humidipaks and those kyser sound hole covering humidifiers. None managed to get my case anywhere near even 40% even when using multiple combinations of the previous mentioned. I was on Amazon recently and saw these new Guitar Nomad Humitar for $14 bucks which claims to have a new/different type of sponge material that is better and holds water longer. Took a flyer and for the first time in a long time, my three cases where these were in use are up to 45% and staying there. I've only wet the sponge once and it lasted a week so far with no drop in humidity. To be fair, I am still using an Oasis Case + Humidifier with this but I can say with certainty that it's the Nomad making the difference. Thinking of taking out everything else to see what happens but haven't yet. SERIOUSLY impressed....anyone else using these? Link on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DKAQGTG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. one of the sharpest guitars out there! gorgeous!
  12. G7th--fits behind like you say, have not measured my neck but works just fine on my banner lg2 which has a mighty thick neck...
  13. is that an april fool's joke?
  14. gov

    J200 at last

    one of the finest looking guitars i've seen. really nice--congrats
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