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  1. Thank you, but I don't think we've nailed the problem. I have 30 Gibsons and treat them like babies. I do wipe them down, and keep them in their cases. NONE of the others has a persistent rust problem like this one. And as I said, I've noticed other SG 90-Doubles for sale, which have this same pattern of rust around the pickguard. And why would the strings rust only in a small area above the pickguard, and nowhere else on the guitar? If it was moisture/oil from my hands, the strings would rust along the fretboard (where my fingers actually touch them), not farther down where they are touched only by a pick.
  2. I have a 1990 SG 90-Double, and it has developed a very strange — and persistent — problem with RUST on the strings and screws — but only directly around the pickguard. Take a look at the photo and you'll see what I mean. When I first got the guitar, I figured the previous owner had sweated a lot, or maybe there was moisture in the case. So I replaced the strings and screws and polished the frets. There was NO indication of moisture inside the pickup cavities, or anywhere else for that matter. I even put the guitar in a different case. Everything looked fine. A month later, I pulled it out, and it looked like this again! The rust had come back as bad as before. But then I noticed something strange. Even the STRINGS had developed a coat of rust — but only in about a 5-inch area directly over the pickguard. (Take my word for it; I forgot to photograph them.) And look at the picture: Notice that the last three frets are tarnished (the ones closest to the pickguard). The others are fine. Then notice that the humbucking polepieces and some of the pickup-ring screws — the ones closest to the pickguard — are the only ones rusted; the others are fine. I think it's the pickguard itself. So I was wondering if the 22-year-old plastic pickguard is beginning to deteriorate and "outgas" — release some kind of fumes that are causing these parts to rust. Has anybody heard of such a thing? You don't see SG-90s for sale too often, but one came up a few months ago on eBay, and it too had this same pattern of rust. It MUST be a problem with this guitar. I have 20 other SGs, all different models, and they don't rust like this. I can't think of any other explanation. I guess the next step is to try to find a replacement pickguard. Thoughts and suggestions?
  3. A really unusual (to me, anyway) SG Special has showed up on eBay. It's a 2003 model, with the nice ebony fretboard and the cool crescent-moon inlays. But it has a glossy TEAL finish (and not even the flip-flop teal) with a white pickguard. I've never seen the 2002/2003 crescent-moon models in anything other than worn/faded cherry or mahogany. The seller says this is NOT a refinish and everything is original. Is he right? Go here for pix (I uploaded one, but it disappeared): http://tinyurl.com/3uet2uq
  4. I've got my eye on a 1991 SG Special, but am curious about the pickups. The guitar has humbucker pickups with chrome covers, mounted inside rectangular black-plastic pickup rings. What's odd (to me) is that those pickup rings are then screwed down ON TOP of the regular "batwing" SG pickguard. Like I said, it's a 1991 model, and I'm not too familiar with older SGs. But every SG I've ever seen either has just the pickup rings holding the pickups in place, OR the pickguard, with the pickups poking through separate holes in the pickguard. I've never seen both, with the pickup rings stacked on top of the pickguard. Has anyone? Is this the way some SGs were made, or is this some weird modification? Many thanks, Michael
  5. I'm a sucker for "Buy It Now" on a certain online auction site, and last week acquired TWO very nice SG Reissue basses, both in the beautiful "Classic White" finish with chrome hardware. The 2006 model definitely has an ebony fretboard. The wood is black and as slick as slate, and just as solid-looking. The 2005 model, however, may have a rosewood fretboard, but if so, it's the darkest rosewood I've ever seen. At the same time, it has a bit of a grain pattern visible, and seems to be just a bit (not much) browner than the other one. My question is: Does anybody know if Gibson issued any of these Classic White SG Reissue basses with rosewood fretboards? Just curious. Thanks, Michael
  6. I guess everybody has chimed in already, but no, Gibson seems to crank them out every few years or so. Some have rosewood fretboards and the regular pickup configuration. My 2010 model has a nice ebony fretboard and push/pull pots to switch from single to double coil. As far back as 1990, Gibson has offered the SG Special in Classic White, sometimes with chrome hardware, sometimes with gold hardware. And, just as with the standard, either a rosewood or ebony board. For awhile, Gibson even offered their SG Reissue bass in Classic White.
  7. Well, I didn't get much response over on the "Gibson Bass" forum, so I'll try here. Surely what I'm asking isn't that impossible. I just bought a gently used Gibson SG Reissue bass on eBay, and it didn't come with a case. I want to find/buy a real Gibson case (white or grey plush lining, combo lock, etc) for my real Gibson guitar. Where can I find one? The online Gibson.com shop only sells regular guitar cases. I've looked at generic cases (Gator, etc). They usually fit Fenders quite well, but they do NOT support a Gibson neck at all. I've also looked at Epiphone cases for their EB-O an EB-3 models. They used to sell really nice ones, with heavy chrome latches and nice padded handles. But now the ones I see are really cheap, with crummy brass-plated latches and plastic handles. I want a Gibson case for my Gibson bass guitar. How hard is that? Thanks for any suggestions! Michael
  8. Thanks, but I'd rather have a genuine Gibson case for my Gibson bass. Some Epi cases are great quality, with heavy-duty chrome latches and thick padded handles. Others are pretty cheap, with flimy brass-plated latches and plastic latches. And the pictures often don't match what you actually buy (I have several Epi cases, that's how I know). Surely there is SOMEWHERE that sells GIBSON cases? I can't find it on the Gibson site. Why can you buy an Epiphone case separately, or even a Fender case, but apparently not a Gibson case??
  9. I just acquired a lovely Classic White SG Reissue bass, but it didn't come with a case. Where can I find a Gibson hardshell case for this guitar, the kind that would have come with it? Most of the non-Gibson cases I've looked at will hold Fenders pretty well, but not the SG, and I'm all-too-familiar with how fragile that headstock is. Many thanks! michael
  10. There's a brand-new Sunburst version for sale on eBay right now. I'm talking about the '50s Tribute version. Just listed.
  11. I actually have FIVE of these (thanks to a bad case of G.A.S.), from 1999 to 2001, and according to the everythingsg.com website, they were called "SG Special Limited Edition." They are all slightly different. All are finished in a CREAM color, not Classic White. I have some Classic White Gibsons and it's definitely a different, darker color. They have NOT faded, or only a tiny bit, since they are basically the same color beneath the pickguard and even the tuners. Features: They all have ebony fretboards with dot markers, and the regular "batwing" pickguards. The strange thing is that a few of these have chrome hardware, and a few have gold, so I guess that was an option, even though the everythingsg folks say they only came with gold. One of them came with gold hardware, but had chrome pickup covers. And the oddest one of all came with all-gold hardware AND a gold Bigsby, which (hard to believe) seems to be original, since the original holes for the bridge posts are filled with cream-colored paint! I can't make sense of all the variations, but here are a few pics:
  12. An electric sander can be a dangerous thing in the hands of somebody who wants to "relic" a perfectly good, and practically new, guitar. Look at this poor Les Paul Studio. This fine guitar, with its nicely yellowed finish, would have fetched close to $1,000 on eBay before the owner decided to "improve" it. And he's actually convinced that "it looks great." Breaks my heart. For more pictures, if you can stand it, go here: http://tinyurl.com/39m4ave
  13. How do you identify which "model" Gibson humbucking pickups are in your guitar? Except for the "Gibson USA" logo on the bottom, they are not marked in any way (490, 498, Burstbucker, etc.) I just purchased a 2008 SG Standard and the owner replaced the original pickups with EMGs. He gave me the old pickups, and I've listed them on eBay. I know that a Standard normally comes with a 490 and a 498. But a potential buyer has asked, "How do you know these are 490/498?" and what am I supposed to tell him? How DO you know?? Many thanks, Michael
  14. Yes, I'm the original owner, and I liked the Classic White so much that I bought two of them. They are both stored in the same place at home (my closet) but the other doesn't have this problem. You'd think humidity (or lack of it) would affect both about the same, so there must be something wrong with this one. It doesn't look horrible now, but it's just not acceptable for a brand-new guitar, and I don't want it to get worse. At any rate, I contacted Gibson and sent photos. I'll see what they say.
  15. Why is the clearcoat finish flaking or "popping" off the side of the neck on my 2008 Les Paul Studio, purchased new a year ago? The finish is "poppling" off at the ends of the frets and the side dot markers. This model has the Classic White finish with the ebony fretboard. I've always babied this guitar, and it's lived in the case when I'm not playing it at home. It has certainly never been dropped or even dinged. I have other Gibsons (including two Studios) and they are not having this problem. Here's a pic: http://s720.photobucket.com/albums/ww209/trapdoorspider/?action=view&current=StudioNeck1.jpg
  16. My Classic White Les Paul Studio has lived in its case in my home since I purchased it new in 2008. I've always babied it and kept it clean and perfect. Yesterday, when I took it out to play, I had a shock. I noticed that the clearcoat finish applied to the side of the fingerboard (on the SIDE of the neck) has "popped off" at the ends of many frets, and also at the small round fret markers (the ones on the sides of the neck). So now my perfect and beautiful Les Paul has a ragged-looking and rough-feeling neck. What happened while it was just sitting in the case? It wasn't like that the last time I took it out. I read somewhere this can happen if the neck dries out and shrinks just a bit. Since the frets don't (and can't) shrink, that pops off the varnish that covers the ends of them. But: I have some 20 other Les Pauls and SGs, also kept in my home, and they are fine, so I don't know why this particular guitar was affected like this. Some of the others also have an ebony fretboard, so you can't say it's the wood on that one guitar. So my questions are: 1) What can I do about it?, and 2) Would this be covered under the warranty? Many thanks, Michael
  17. The tailpiece stud holes/sockets are still there, partially covered by the Bigsby. They are not filled in, or refinished, but the threads ARE filled with yellow paint. No tailpiece was ever screwed into those holes. I've since taken the guitar completely apart for cleaning, and I'm almost positive it has not been repainted, so all I can think is somebody at the factory decided to not install the regular stop tailpiece and instead mounted the Bigsby. The ebony fretboard is rather unusual too, no? Like I said, maybe this was a special limited run for MF or some other online retailer. I know that Music123 offered a Classic White SG Standard for a while when nobody else seemed to sell them, so maybe this was something like that.
  18. Can anybody tell me about a rather unusual SG I just picked up on eBay? It's a 1999 SG Special, but in an odd yellow/cream color, with ebony fretboard, gold hardware, and a Bigsby tailpiece (also gold). At first I thought the color was Classic White, which had yellowed with age (though it's not really that old), but underneath the pickguard it's still kinda yellow, not white or even off-white. The serial number is 91249380, which I'm told means it was made in Nashville on May 4, 1999. The fact that paint is in the original tailpiece post holes tells me a regular tailpiece was never installed, and the Bigsby was installed at the factory. It's not a repaint job, I'm pretty sure. My questions are: Was this some limited run, or maybe a special model made for Music123 or Musicians Friend? And what color is this thing supposed to be? Did Gibson actually make cream-colored SGs? I'd post a picture here, but I don't know how . . .
  19. Many thanks, gentlemen. I guess I sounded pretty stupid, but I haven't yet taken off the old pickup rings, so wasn't sure how flexible that plastic really was. It looks fairly rigid, but I guess it's not. (And I've had some bad experiences with bending or forcing things to fit into place — hasn't everyone?). I'll just get some flat rings somewhere and follow your advice. - Michael
  20. Where on earth can I find cream-colored humbucking pickup rings with CURVED BOTTOMS to fit a Les Paul? My Studio came with black rings, and I want to replace them with CREAM-colored rings, pickguard, etc. Not sure how that will look, but at least I want to try. But every online dealer and everybody on eBay seems to sell FLAT-bottomed rings. Who's got the curved version in the cream color? Anybody??? Many thanks, Michael:-k
  21. Thanks, Gents. Yeah, I was wondering because I bought a brand-new 2008 Les Paul Studio as a store-liquidation, and it just seemed to have more cosmetic issues than my other Gibsons, so I was wondering if this was a second or something. For one thing, there's a definite slight "ridge" you can feel along the fretboard/neck seam. It's all glued down nicely (no gaps or cracks in the paint or finish), but it's almost like they didn't make the fretboard wide enough. I've never had a Studio, but you can't feel that on any of my SGs (I have 12 of them).
  22. How can you tell if you are buying a Gibson "factory second" or refurbished guitar? Does Gibson mark them in some way, like they do with Epiphones? Several sellers on eBay offer "brand-new" Les Pauls and SGs and insist they are not "factory seconds." Well, how can I tell?
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