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  1. Which LB? I am from LB California.

  2. Hi everyone... Had a question regarding the Gibson Logo on the LP faded DC... I recently purchased a 2005 model... guitar sounds great with the P90's I have a few other Gibsons so this was my first in a faded color (faded cherry) I recently noticed a shadow-like film around the Gibson logo and the "les paul model" logo... I recall seeing a Les Paul DC selling on ebay a week ago with that same "filmy-ness"... almost like a decal... When i checked all my other gibsons, none of them had this since they were lacquered... Is this common of the faded series or is it fake?
  3. Hi Catlin not fake- got one just like it... purchased 1994 from a store , mine made in Samick factory in Korea Your headstock looks exactly like mine... mine is honeyburst U can also call 1800 Gibson and give them numbers and they should be able to even tell u the color, let alone year and make... to ease your mind, google "fake Epiphone les pauls" and you'll be able to check out sites that can give u differences... Jay
  4. it's not a fake; I purchased am Epi LP in 1993 with same exact specs to the detail; and i bought mine new way back from reputable retailer... if u want pics of mine, just look at yours.... Dont stress man; stress if you paid 2 grand for a guitar and wonder if its fake; then u might have sleepless nights... What kind of profit is a guy going to make on a fake Epi? Fitty Cents???? LOL Life's to short; enjoy your guitar and rip away, BRO!!!
  5. Honestly for me- absolutely nothing special- i have a few dozen guitars and gassed for this one like everyone else... tripped on modding it for a week- never gigged it and now sits in the closet and will be traded for a 4th round draft choice on CL one of these days... Here's a pic of mine... for me , just not a keeper...
  6. I am truly sorry to hear that... that's why my wife comes to all my gigs - not to keep the screaming fans off (yeah right) - but always helps me keep my gear in check... Hope your next guitar is a reincarnate...
  7. Hey Bro, Best wishes- it doesn't matter what names on the headstock; as long as its got six strings, plugs in to am amp, and you are STOKED! I know this place is for folks who love guitars!
  8. Congrats man! nice flames!!! les pauls are kick a...
  9. I second CB on the AC15... its the only amp i use these days ( and i've got one too many)... At a gig i'm always mic'ed up anyway so its loud enough, and just the right volume at home... This is if you use a pedal board cause you dont have any effects on an AC15... Hang on to that Vox though; u never know when you'll gas for those effects...
  10. And I guess it doesn't help that companies like Best Buy are going full on into taking a large piece of the pie... their customers have more buying power with their best buy credit card than GC, i would imagine...
  11. Congrats CB! oh yeah, i did experience gas on the last thread but i've been fishing on craigslist lately... Enjoy!
  12. Here's mine- actually been in the closet for some time... (Tuners courtesy of Twang)
  13. Ditto on everyone's comments- totally different animals if comparing Firebird VII vs LP Standard... The only reason i haven't gigged my firebird because it's too neck heavy for my taste... Ultimately, choose one now and get the other one down the road... cause after getting the one, it's inevitable you'll gas for the other...
  14. Any day the wife is helping out pick out a guitar is a GREAT day! ( I think???) HNGD!!! always a good day!!!
  15. Really diggin' the Sherry and Riviera mini HB's! btw, have u seen the Casino prices??? MIC for 7 bills is a little ridiculous...
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