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  1. Here are some more shots: this one has the geared tuners, and I can't see the number inside this one. Sorry for the bad photography!
  2. I need help verifying the model and year and originality of these two guitars. Both are claimed to be L-30s, but the tuners are different. Would they have switched tuners mid production run for the short lived L-30?, or is one non original? Also it appears the peghead logos differ, one white, one gold.? Also, written inside one of them on the back of the guitar on bare wood, are the numbers 120A-G1. "120A" is in pencil, and "-G1" is written in red. Can anyone shed some light? thanks, WD
  3. That's a wealth of information. Thanks to all for posting. I've got some looking and playing to do. I might shift focus and go for an acoustic which I can add a temporary pickup to. L-50 or if I can get a deal on an L-7- how ideal. What model acoustics would not allow the easy addition of a pickup? Ie those with lower fretboards. How noticeable is the sound difference between a solid top and laminate top? I could learn this from playing them, but don't have that option now. Thanks!
  4. J45nick Geez. I wonder if that sounds as sweet as it looks. Wow. So to go the L-7 or L-50 route, do you ever play with a pickup? I so what would you use, or would you play through a mike and an old tube amp?
  5. Great point about getting out and playing them and hearing the differences. Thanks. I haven't been to all the local stores (Charlotte,NC), but haven't found much inventory. I want to go electric, and ideally stay in the pre 60s vintage. I do wonder how much different or louder sound comes out of an acoustic L series versus an ES(not plugged in)? I saw an ES125TD - how does 2 pickups sounds compared to 1? BTW- I don't want to go Thinline so I can keep some acoustic resonance when not plugged in. Lastly, anyone have experience with intenet buying?? Anything looking at online I'm tr
  6. My playing has taken a turn towards a mixture of Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian, and a Bob Wills -Eldon Shamblin Western swing. I'm currently trying to bang it out on a dreadnought, but want to get a better sound. (Really it's just an excuse to buy an old Gibson). I'm looking for some recommendations on what model might be best. I'm not looking for a cutaway, and an L-5 is more than I can invest. Any thoughts on the ES or L series would be very helpful! Thanks!
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