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  2. It's a set neck, so I won't be able to shim the neck. :-/ My plan is to remove the saddles and give them to a friend who's a machinist, who says he can take the saddle height down a bit from the bottom. That way when I reinstall them, they'll be able to go low enough to have the action more reasonable. :-)
  3. Ah, ok...maybe I just got one that slipped through QC. There’s definitely something wrong when the the saddles are completely down but the action is still too high. It wasn’t very expensive, so maybe I’ll just have to get a little creative to make it playable. ;-) Thank you for your reply, much appreciated! :-)
  4. Hi Folks! Long time lurker, first time poster, and first-time Steinberger owner. I really don't know what took me so long. :-) I had a quick question about adjusting the tremolo unit. I adjusted the truss rod to set the relief to my liking, (minimal relief) and went to lower the individual saddles to get the action lower and match the fretboard radius. Well, the saddles are as low as they can go, and the action is still fairly high. Is it possible to lower the entire tremolo unit a bit? I don't see an adjustment to do that, but assumed there was a way to lower the two pivot posts just a bit. Any info would be greatly appreciated. :-) Thanks in advance! :-)
  5. I'm coming up on 45 this saturday the 23rd, and I'm playing a gig on my b-day just to drive it on home. I don't know about "you're only as old as you feel", because after gigging all through the Heavy Metal 80s, I've got some serious miles on certain organs...and appendages too!
  6. I'm one of the few who actually PREFERRS the new baked maple boards! I like ebony boards...my LP Customs have that nice slick feel, and the baked maple on my SG 61 RI with the baked maple board sounds and feels similar to me. It took a little oiling to get it to where I like it, but now it's fantastic. I have rosewood on my Explorers, and that fits well for those guitars. I bet a lot people forget about the 70s era Les Pauls with the maple fretboards.
  7. +1 to Izzy's post...I was gonna say Veruca Salt, but she beat me to it. I saw them a few times live and both girls were playing SGs: Nina played an SG Junior, and Louise played a cherry SG Standard. Boy did I have a crush on them back in the day... :)
  8. Thanks for all the replies folks...good info there! I took some time to work with the amp. All of my guitars (all 37 of 'em!) sound different, but I can usually have my amp set to my particular tone, and it'll take very minor adjustments to mids and presence to dial them in to "my" sound. With this new SG, it takes very radical changes to get my tone, especially to the low end. The channel that's usually way too boomy for me...and that I rarely use...is the one I HAVE to use just to get my usual amount of lows in my tone. BUT, I love this geetar...after I re-cut the nut and gave it a good set-up, it's probably one of the very best playing guitars I own. So, the quick easy test is just to swap the bridge pickup and see if I get any real tonal difference. If I do, problem solved! If it's still a little on the thin side and the mids are still a little too biting, than I know it's the guitar itself and I'll just have to tweak accordingly. :-)
  9. That's for the reply CB! It's the oddest thing...I have an early 60s SG Special that at some pint in it's life had the bridge P-90 switched to a Dimarzio Super Distortion, and I don't get that same midrange tone out of that SG. It may just be that I need a little more gain out of the bridge pickup. The clean tones were excellent! I'll try an Iommi in the bridge and see where it gets me. Thanks again for the info!
  10. Hey Folks! I recently picked up a 61 RI in satin ebony. Great guitar, lightweight, looks great plays like butter. Last night I played my first gig with it, and the sound was good, but a little odd. It has the stock 57 Classic Plus pickups...figured I'd give 'em a shot before replacing them. I use a Hughes & Kettner Triamp,which is a pretty versatile amp. I noticed right off my current settings didn't have the low end that my other guitars do. (I usually use an Explorer or Les Paul Custom, different pickups in each)I also noticed that there was a funky midrange in there...I had to dial the mids back on the amp. Now, the SG is a lot less mass than an Explorer or Les Paul, so I can see a little less low end there, but would that count for the strange mids? It's almost like an upper mid spike...not ice-pick, but almost more like a P-90 than a humbucker. I love the guitar, (and my shoulder can't take an Explorer for 3 extended sets anymore!) but wanted to see if anyone else had this odd mid tone was the 57 Classic Plus pickups, or just the tone of the guitar itself. If it seems to be a pickup thing, I was thinking about dropping a 500T or Iommi in the bridge, which is what I have in my other Gibsons. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hmmm,I'm surprised! Gonna have to take this one over to the Les Paul Forum. There's where I found it to get it back!
  12. Yeah Levy's straps aren't bad...that should do ya. :-) Any kind of leather strap that has the suede underneath will work fine. Mine doesn't buzz on the lower frets, but it sounds like to me it either needs a smidge of releif in the neck or a light fret dressing. Don't let the tech set it up to "Gibson specs", a good tech will set it up the way YOU like it, not just factory recommendations. That's just a ballpark. Raising the action isn't the way to solve the problem...that's the sign of a tech who doesn't know how to fix the problem. If adding a hair of releif doesn't solve it (which it probably will) then you may need a slight fret dressing. But I'd try the relief first.
  13. Hey folks! I have a '71 Les Paul Custom that's signed by (the late) Bob Mayo of Peter Frampton's band. Been my favorite guitar since I first picked it up in the late 80s. There's a helluva story that goes with this guitar, lemme tell ya! It was stolen from me in 1995, and I JUST managed to get it back last year. She was gone for almost 20 years! I've heard it was out in Colorado for a time, among other places. I was wondering if anyone here owned it for awhile before I got it back. If you all have some time, I'll relate the whole story.
  14. Mine doesn't neck dive either, although I have other guitars that do. Sure fire way to stop that is to NOT use a nylon strap. Use a leather strap with the suede under-side. The suede grips your shirt enough that the guitar will sit steadily. :-) My 61 RI shipped with everything in the case compartment. All the case candy stuff: warrany cards, allen wrench etc. And it DOES smell like vanillia! I thought the same thing! LOL
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