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  1. For those who missed out on the sale on natural ES175 Premiums, GC has the vintage sunburst and ebony models at $479.97. Still a heck of a deal. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone/ES-175-Premium-Hollowbody-Electric-Guitar.gc
  2. I enjoy your videos, but wish you would just go from guitar to amp and not use the pedals.
  3. These things keep bouncing back and forth from $439.97 to $999. It is crazy, but $439 is a crazy good price so if they are showing $999 keep checking back.
  4. Now the natural is down to $439.97! I think you'd pay around $300 just for the pickups.
  5. Turns out SG Player also has an Explorer.
  6. Enjoy! I absolutely love mine. As they say, post a picture.
  7. If Epiphone wasn't called Epiphone would you buy one instead of a Gibson? Since Epiphone is called Epiphone, I can buy three or four instead of a Gibson.
  8. And, it sounds great! Plugged in or sitting on the back porch unplugged. Yes, nice and light. Weighs a hair less than my bass (Ibanez AFB200)
  9. Tired of listening to myself suck playing bass, I decided I'd change up and listen to myself suck at playing guitar.
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