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  1. Does anyone know for a fact what years the Gibson embossed pup covers were put on their guitars? I'm hoping for some factual info, as the only info I find is from questionable sources on the web. The most plausible story I've "accumulated" so far (which could certainly be wrong) is that the large HB chrome, nickle and gold embossed covers were introduced in 1971, (not sure about small HB LP Deluxe covers) but due to lack luster customer response, complaints from different Gibson repair centers over interchangeability issues, and since they were more difficult for Gibson to inventory, they were discontinued in 1972. The remaining inventory of chrome/nickle covers ran out sometime in late 1972, but the gold ones didn't run out until 1973. My newly acquired 1973 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty FW has gold embossed covers, so I thought I would start a thread to find some factual info for myself and others who want to know more. Any facts would be helpful. Thanks! Dean
  2. I read that the heavy complaining by Gibson dealers about the embossed pickup covers not being interchangeable made Gibson phase them out in 1972. The nickle covers ran out pretty quickly in 72, but the gold ones didn't run out until 73. Since gold covers were only used on the less produced top-of-the-line instruments, the gold embossed covers lasted in their inventory longer. This falls in line with how Gibson is run... they never just start or stop anything. They typically phase in and out of manufacturing and design changes, whether it be finishes, model names, specific features, etc. Oh, and my 73 LP Custom Black Beauty has embossed gold covers, so.... Hope this was helpful to somebody
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