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  1. Thanks much for the reply. A had already done that, but I just noticed this morning that that my spam filter was catching the email notifications. I just took care of that little problem. I appreciate your assistance. :-) Brcobrem
  2. Hi, How do I set up to get instant email notification of replies on this board? Thanks, Brcobrem
  3. Hi Grog, Yes, there is a bolt plate on the back. I bet you're very happy with that Futura . . . NICE AXE ! Your pic of the yellow headless version is interesting. That helps explain the "notch" in the body to some degree. Don't know If I'm going to be able to afford this. Check out some eBay completed listings: Curvus & Futura completed listings. Thank you very much for the history and insight. Regards, Brcobrem
  4. Hi Admin/CustSvc, You may note my other reply today where I noted my vision problem :-> Yes, based on your guidance, this one is an '82. That would make sense because that's about around the time that I first saw it. Also thanks so much for the pdf! This one has 2 solid black pickups, so it must be the Corvus II. I really appreciate your research effort. Regards, Brcobrem
  5. D'oh! Corvus, not Chorus. No wonder I couldn't find much about it. Ha! Lucky for me at least one other nimrod in the world thought it was a Chorus too, or I wouldn't have even found that one picture of the reddish one. Thanks for fixing my eyes for me jdgm. Regards, Brcobrem
  6. Hi Gibson Guitar Board, This is my first post in your forums and I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you. I'm trying to find out a little about a Gibson "Chorus" solid body guitar. A friend bought it used around 1980 and i'm bending his arm to sell it to me at a price that's fair to both of us. Based on the PDF's available on your site, and the 8 digit numeric serial number pressed into the back of head, it's from 1966 to 1969. This one is a solid light grey color, and only other thing else I've been able to discover about this guitar is that they made it in that reddish color of the period. I found a reddish color pic here: Search for Chorus on that page. Does anyone have any other information/links/trivia/etc that they'd care to share on this old axe? I appreciate your replies. Regards, Brcobrem P.S. Here's a Skydrive pic of the one I'm looking at: Grey Chorus Guitar
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