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  1. Hey Thank for the amp tips,actually grabbed a Fender Mustang 2 for now & must say pretty impressive little amp & lots of cool little features that i am not familiar with, but easy enough to learn. Is 40 watts & does the trick for me living in an apartment. Loud enough to get in trouble with (already have LOL). I'm sure it will do me well until & if i get my chops up to par to start jamming with peoples & playing live again. If i get to that stage again, I will most definently be upgrading to a Orange head & Marshall 4x12 cab,served me well in the past. As for the weird blue LP I got, I am very impressed with it overall. Too be honest I really was not expecting too much, due to always owning a Gibson or Fender & spending the bucks, But to be honest I really cannot tell, much of a difference in tone or quality so far. Pretty dam impressed with Epiphone so far. Thanks again & chat later - Troy
  2. Hey Peoples Just wanted to give a quick thanks to people fot their opinions & Epi knowledge,much appreciated seeing as I am new to the Epi world. I actually ended up buying a used "Les Paul Studio Special Edition" (weird blue) in mint shape with a new hard shell case for $300. I am pretty impressed & surprised with it in all aspects. Thanks again, Well off to annoy neighbours & ruin my hearing.
  3. Hello Again Peoples Well thanks for the responses & advice,much appreciated seeing as I'm new to the world of Epiphone. Well I ended up buying the "Studio LP" off of the seller (cute girl actually,don't tell my wife LOL) for $300. Perfect condition & still had factory strings on it & a very good quality hardshell case. Color really isn't that bad actually,Not my personal preference but not to concerned with looks. I must say I am pretty impressed with everything over all. Nice fast smooth neck,great action,awesome tone through a Mustang 2 & quality paint etc: etc: But once again thanks for your Epi knowledge much appreciated. Well talk to you all later, gotta go do some ear damage & get rid of 10+ years of rust.
  4. Hello Peoples As you may recall in my previous post "Advice" I am in the market for a new guitar & am looking at Epiphones. Well I came about this local ad selling a slightly used "Epiphone Les Paul" Well after looking through Google I have concluded that it is a "Epiphone Les Paul Studio Special Edition" But I cannot find it anywhere on the Epiphone site. So is this legit or some copy? If legit what was original retail value? In my googling I have seen it for as high as $600+ & as low as $185. (North America) Kinda confused. Guitar: My link
  5. Hey there,new here I just wanted to get some advice or opinions from Epiphone owners. I have decided to resume playing guitar after a 10 year absence (hand injury) & am currently looking at picking up one of the two Ephiphone SGs. My link or My link I am just curious which is the better quality over all & better sound etc: A bit unsure about 3 pickups,used to just 2 & also just curious about the overall quality,sound wise,hardware,durability etc: etc: (I think I'm a being bit biased due to strictly owning gibsons in the past) As for my style, blues to heavy rock. Well Thanks for your time & knowledge
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