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  1. What about DiMarzio PAF 36th http://dimarzio.com/pickups/humbuckers/paf-36th-anniversary Would this one work, and give me the sound?
  2. As long as the neck PU's tone is fat,warm, on the lower strings, any PU is OK
  3. Guitar: Epiphone Explorer 1958 Goth Pickups I want to change to: Dimarzio Crunch lab (Bridge), Dimarzio At-1(neck) Do you guys think this is a great combination for a sound with heavy crunch on neck, and warm, clear neck? Pickups: http://dimarzio.com/pickups/humbuckers/high-power/crunch-lab http://dimarzio.com/pickups/humbuckers/dimarzio-1
  4. Thanks for the extreme quick reply! I've decided to go for Seymour Duncan's - Sh 13 (bridge) and Sh 8 (neck)
  5. Hi there! I'm currently overhauling my guitar, changing pickguard to chrome, and neckplate to chrome, with the name ''Lucy'' written on it. I 've decided to change pickups as well, but the pickups I want to change to is active, and my stock pickups are passive! Have anyone here changed their pickups to emg active? The PickUps I'm going to change to is Emg 85 (Bridge) and Emg 60 (Neck)
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