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  1. As promised got some pics today here is the body.......
  2. I am very tempted to go get it - it was a lovely guitar and played really well I just thought it might be a little highly proced but it may be that way for a reason. I am gonna go up there again on Monday an see if I can cut a deal. Will try and get some pics then.
  3. also iirc the tuning pegs were chrome not the vintage style
  4. yes it looked very much like that one but it had a wrap around stop bar and i think the gibson logo was a MOP inlay type not printed on the surface
  5. Hi was wondering if anyone could assist me. I have my eye on a Les Paul Special in my local music shop. It it a real nice looking piece of wood - think it might be walnut finish and it has dual P90s. The serial number on it is 0 6962. From what I can gather this seems to be a 60 reissue built in 1996 but I may be mistaken. The shop has it on a reduced price as it has been in their stock for a very long time but even with the £300 reduction the price seems very high to me at £1399 for a 17 year old guitar. It is in mint condition however and does have a hard case to go with it. Unfortunatel
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