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  1. Okra

    Pre war L-1

    I'll check it out later today. I have family in Petal/Hattiesburg and Long Beach. My Uncle worked at Keesler teaching hand gun combat. Small world.
  2. Okra

    Pre war L-1

    Can you tell me where the FON would be?
  3. Okra

    Pre war L-1

    Durant is a great little place. About 25 miles south of me.
  4. Okra

    Pre war L-1

    I was thinking '35 or '36. Someone told me the L-1s didn't have labels, only FON numbers. It was a gift from the Steve Lavere family in Greenwood.
  5. Okra

    Pre war L-1

    Looking for some info on my L-1. Age, etc... Any help is appreciated, Thanks.
  6. That is a beauty. Probably the best looking Gibson to date.
  7. Did Gibson ever hand write serial numbers on Guitars sent in for a refinish in the 50's?
  8. Thanks to "Sevenstringer" I now have the Iommi SG I was looking for.
  9. If anyone has any leads on one of these, I'm looking for one in blue. Thx
  10. That was my thoughts, if nothing else a neat story.
  11. There use to be a lot of nice clubs down around Natchez and across the river in Ferriday, LA.
  12. Montgomery. What part are you?
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