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  1. Hi, am looking for anyone still active on this forum. Just need some help with my controller troubleshooting. Would be so grateful if you could help?

  2. teo

    Can you post a screenshot with audio test results?

  3. Hi I've received A mail about "SC-IX V5.0 public beta",

    I got a mail from Forum,but I can't find that new topic.

    let me konow where I can DL "SC-IX V5.0",please.

  4. When we have an approved Beta version I'll create another post / announcement... We have very specific requirements that we need people to be able to follow and provide both computer and hard-drive info... But from seeing most of you guys other posts you should be able to test
  5. Yes we will likely open up a semi-public beta for more experienced users on the forum. We will create an announcement and work with the DJ selected to get proper feedback and any bug reports. GPA~DJ
  6. Thanks for your continued interest everyone... Hopefully we will have something public beta just-in-time for the Holidays I know this has taken a lot longer than anyone could ever expect, but we are currently testing something that should be ready for public beta. I've seen it with my own eyes, but can't say any more than than that. GPA~DJ
  7. P.M. me your direct into and I'll have the service department verify part # and availability. Not sure how user friendly the replacement procedure is, but i do know our team has and will continue to do these under warranty. That said you having 16 year of experience, you may not find it complicated or time consuming Good luck GPA~DJ
  8. Thanks guys, please keep in mind we are working on fixing some of the minor bugs first, and then looking into feature improvements...
  9. It sound like your drive / library has been corrupted... Best suggestions Wipe the drive clean with a fresh format, make sure nothing else is on it but one MUSIC folder with your subfolders of music in that... Use QuickGrid to do all of your analysis, Use the machine to Generate Device Playlists (which mimic your folder structure) AND: For optimum performance, please purchase drives with a rated speed of at least 4MB/s write and 10MB/s read speed. This speed will greatly affect the audio playback and recording capabilities. Stanton recommend the use of 7200rpm speed when using a traditional (no-flash) hard drive. Also be sure to read the FAQ from the product page... SCS4DJ See FAQ Tab & here Tips & Trick Forum Post There's lot of useful tips like using the USB Keyboard for Search Hope this helps, GPA~DJ
  10. Hi Brady, I've spoke with the Hardware Development team in California and I've tested it myself as well if you press Setup and See Deck - Version - 101G - 1.2.7 in the LCD windows you should not have the issue you are experiencing. I've tried it with and without other devices present and the SCS.1D plays perfectly fine. BTW: 'm running VDJ Pro V7.4 Try just connecting the Deck by itself to the computer and using the default audio settings with no other controller connected to confirm nothing else is affecting the MIDI. If the deck is still 1/2 speed, then definitely return / exchange it. Sorry for the trouble but it looks like that particular .1d is in need of service. Hope this helps, GPA~DJ
  11. The voltage should be fine... and your settings appear to be fine... I'm thinking something in the Pitch Range settings is not seeing the Fader in the middle as Zero pitch. Can you verify if there are any changes when you change the Pitch Range, and also what happens when you remove the record from the platter (thus stopping the encoder from spinning)? More to come, GPA~DJ
  12. Jacky-78 We do have a distributor that sells the proper voltage for your country. For both Straight and Curved tonearms Doing what you are recommending is not only dangerous but voids all warranties. Thus, if you have problems you will not find anyone to repair them under warranty for free. NOTE: Eventually will likely damage the internal powersupply, plus there are several other possible issues of audio / motor damage.
  13. Just to verify that you are referring to moving the frame of an active loop (Similar to what Traktor does)? Thanks, GPA~DJ
  14. Brady can you please list the exact version of the following: DJ / Audio Software Used DaRouter Version AND Preset (if used) Firmware of the SCS.1d The only time I've seen this issue is when an incompatible BMTE (DaRouter preset) and Traktor (V1) preset is used. Which means it's likely not the mechanical but the MIDI being sent (from the center encoder wheel) to the software. Thanks, GPA~DJ
  15. Typically you do not want to scratch or back-cue with an Elliptical needle like the G3/GII Not saying it's impossible, but it very tricky to balance the tonearm properly to allow back-cueing with out skipping or damage to the record. I'd switch to any spherical that fits Any of the following would work T3, DS3, TII, EP-DJ, DM2 (MK II / MK III) Ideally you want a T3 or T2 (TII), but they are in limited stock. Depending on where you are located you can find some online retailers selling them via google / e-bay. Or You can have a store order the following which is still available form our warehouse: Part# 07014-09800-00 DM-II STYLUS Part# 07014-09900-00 DM-II DP (which stands for Disco Pack and includes 3-styli) Hope this helps, GPA~DJ
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