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  1. the sad thing is i cant play it.... im right handed... ive tried and it just feels to weird..... i live in virginia beach va.... does anybody know of a good place i could sell this guitar??? online or shop around here??? or anybody interested on here??? its a beautiful guitar and me and my gpa were very close but i dont want this beautiful guitar to just sit in thr closet like it has for 40 plus years now... i would really like somebody to display it or enjoy it like it should be... sooo if anybody can help me out please let me know
  2. new pics the serial number is clearly visble and the number above we cant get a good shot but it says 65335tdclh...... pics below
  3. the number inside the guitar says 848561...... better more pictures coming asap
  4. i have gotten this beautiful Gibson guitar after my grandfather has passed away.... Ive been amazed by this guitar for the minute i saw it years ago.... my question is.. is it a 1965 es 335 and if it is how much is it value??? i dont have any plans of selling it at the moment... i would just like to know what i have and how much its worth..... the only problem i have is that im not left handed so i can never play it :( ... maybe willing to sell it with the right offer... but i would greatly appreciate the help guys thanks!!!!
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