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  1. customer service is rubbish at the moment. this is a production issue the paint has shed from the buttons and i've been told to contact the u.k. dist. who has not replied either. basically i want to know whether i can make the unit look like it was supposed to or not. can i replace the buttons or not. if not i'll just bin the unit and buy something of better quality.
  2. o.k. i've sent several messages and got nothing back and the paint has now completely just flaked off half the buttons.... come on guys.
  3. hi there, this is one for the service guys... i have an early scs4 and a very new one... but i have a cosmetic problem the paint on newest machine on the headphone cue buttons and on the enter buttons is shedding. i've only used it for a few hours are these buttons easily replaceable? cheers darryl
  4. o.k. first the good news. faster browsing and playlist loading. seem to get 'cleaner' sound when crossfading. extra effects... quite like the dubby tape delay but still the fx lack pro quality. porting some good vst designs would be the wise move. seems a little faster and more stable in use. negatives... the new wave display is poor. to squashed up on loud tracks and this obscures the beat grid - a backwards step. i miss the indicator on the playlist view that tells how many tracks are being displayed, annoying when you are looking for a bpm match and want to check / scroll search a list with a bit of pace. back to more road testing....
  5. it's a shame - i think your technique wasn't upto speed with it.... i find it as easy to use as things like pioneer cdj 2000 as i have a work flow and folder structure that allows fastish searching, browsing and playlist loading. like any djing gear and skill it's really worth putting the time into it and making attempts to get your head around the o/s and folder formats.
  6. i'd like to join as i have 2 scs4's now - my home one i can afford to use as a test bed.
  7. thanks for the reply.... any chance you could let us active board members know just what features will be added and what has definitely been fixed bug wise and what features have been improved. i think it's in your interest to do this as it gives people a positive impression of the development regime. many thanks darrylfunk. oh and i have more mixes up now. http://www.mixcloud.com/darrylfunk/
  8. guys how long for these promised updates now? i was contacted via the service guys and they said the early part of october for extra beta testers yet i've heard nothing. also quick grid really, really needs an update - probably more than the unit's software itself. please get cracking on it or i can see people jumping ship to other gear. darrylfunk.
  9. Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone from the tech Dept can help me... I'm very pleased with the sound from the scs4 can anyone disclose what model 'dac' is on the output section. Also would there be any sonic gains using a well regulated super low noise external mains power supply instead of the cheap wall wart? Also I was messaged a while ago regarding the beta test upgrade software but have heard nothing since as i own 2 scs4's now i'd like to try the new software on my home machine. Regards darrylfunk.
  10. think about it... It has a tiny slow 'arm' portable processor. i use a similar amount of tracks on a bigger usb 3 harddrive. i don't have such a problem because housework keeps the process simple and fairly quick. if you need more speed there are several tips i found that help speed up searching. put tracks in folders with playlists. de frag the hardrive every time you load new tracks on after scanning with quick grid. remove all artwork from the folders. know your songs so you can use browse or song and artist searching. make playlists and get used to the workflow of the machine.... hope this helps.
  11. good post and nice to see someone using it in other parts of the world.... maybe gibson could realise we want to be part of a dj community.
  12. O.k. Stanton guys.... I have just brought my second Stanton scs4 and would dearly like to use a beta copy of the update. I use the device 3 times a week at all my gigs and am very happy with it. I would of course direct all feedback to the development team. I've had no luck with the u.k. Distributor so how about it chaps? Darryl.
  13. yeah an expanded quick grid would be great. also a better way of loading tracks to a drive i get a bit bored waiting for hours for it to rescan a drive... when i add say 30 new tracks...
  14. you can pitch mix - just turn off the keylock switch for the deck you want to adjust. it's top right button next to the display on the waveform display screen.
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