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  1. Hi guys , been a long time since I’ve submitted a post , I’m hoping that you can help me identify this epiphone model . Is it a Sheraton or es55 . And I can’t see any year of manufacture . Cheers Andrew .
  2. My new john lennon inspired casino had the rattle too, it drove me nuts. I tried nail polish , that didn't work. In the end I got the guitar set up properly by a guitar tech. No rattle. When I recently changed strings the bloody rattle came back. So back to the tech again.
  3. Who is that behind him?
  4. Yeah, pics please, did you get the natural or the sunburst?
  5. Cheers bro, didn't know that, I'm glad then that mine is a later one cos its got no paint on the f holes. How do you tell what year a casino was made?
  6. I'm a tone chaser! looking for the eternal Beatles tone.

  7. My first casino was the std natural , I got it about 4 months ago, great guitar. last week I pulled the trigger and brought the Lennon inspired casino - sunburst, made a change to a gotoh bridge and its a sweet sounding and looking guitar. The inspired one just fits better and the volume knobs kick in much better than my natural. If I had the choice again I'd have gone with the Lennon and perhaps! I'd have been satisfied with it? The elitist here in New Zealand was just too expensive,
  8. Well, guys thanks for the really helpful advice. I'll just play the darn thing as it is and we'll see what I can do 6 months in the future, Cheers again. And here some proof of the guitar!
  9. nah, happy with my Ltd edition Fender blues Junior.
  10. Hi guys, Any tips on what upgrades I should be thinking about for my new Casino? I'm not really an upgrade guitar kind of guy, so your thoughts and tips here would be very grateful. Cheers
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