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  1. I have bid on (and Won) a 1993 Gibson Bill Monroe signature limited edition F-5 mandolin #64 of 200. My question is did they produce any of these with a varnish finish? I have studied the pictures of the one I am to recieve in a day or two and compared it to other pictures (the few I can find) and the dark shading on the burst appears to be much wider on the one I bid on. I have a 3 day period after reciept to return it no questions asked. I suspected it had some finish work done on it, but just not sure. I do some luthier work and action build some mandolin. I got into this one at a resoniable price, if I can live with it. If anyone has any info on any of the spec's on these mandolins I would apprecaite it. I was told it has a Adirondack top on it,I think I might be able to tell if that is the case when it gets here as I build with particular wood, but maybe not. Any help would certainly be appreciated. thanks
  2. I have bid on (and won) a 1993 Gibson Bill Monroe Signature Limited edition F-5 mandolin #64 of the 200 produced. I suspect now that it has had some refinish work done on it, but not sure. I was told that it was a varnish finish. My question is were they produced with a varnish finish? The black shading on the burst is much wider than others I have looked at in pictures. I would like to know any of the specifications used on building these instruments. I have a 3 day trial period, in which I can return it no questions asked. I havn't receieved it as of yet. It should be here in a day or two. Can anyone help me out?
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