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  1. BaZie

    My Assault 220FR

    So, you've already done what I am only still thinking about. I agree that the pickup selector is placed in a very inconvenient place, compare it e.g. with Schecter Omen Extreme. I've tried several pickup sets, but the best one so far is Giovanni GCH-2. I think I also have ebony fretboard. It makes the guitar sound completely different from those equipped with rosewood fretboard. Every time I get a pickup that sounds warm with rosewood, the warmth is completely lost when I put it in Assault.
  2. VS = Vintage Sunburst http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Archtop/Dot.aspx click the rightmost colour and there it is.
  3. I think there are more than 3 dealers in Europe now: http://www.musicstore.de/pl_PL/PLZ/Epiphone-ES-339-P90-PRO-EB-Ebony/art-GIT0031513-000 http://www.musik-produktiv.com/epiphone-es-339-p90-pro.html http://www.andertons.co.uk/semi-hollow-amp-hollow-body/pid34719/cid670/epiphone-es339-p90-pro-electric-guitar-in-ebony.asp http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/electric_guitars_detail.asp?stock=14020713503188 http://www.gak.co.uk/en/epiphone-limited-edition-es-339-p-90-pro-ebony/93936 http://www.dawsons.co.uk/epiphone-eclub-2014-es-339-p90-pro-vintage-sunburst Possibly there are some more wh
  4. I have an Epi LP Studio: http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Les-Paul/Les-Paul-Studio.aspx The page above does NOT mention maple top, nevertheless I believe there is one, because my LP sounds brighter than Explorer which is surely all-mahogany. If you don't want to spend too much for pickups, consider Entwistle HV58. I have zebra unpotted version of them in my LP, and I must say, they sound very good, either clean, or with overdrive.
  5. For their technical skills, I do. However, I tend to like melodic and soulful solos more than technical shreds. That said, I prefer e.g. Gary Moore than Joe Satriani. Moore can be surely regarded as shredder (listen to "Out in the fields" solo for example).
  6. There are three pickup types: Alnico Classic - Alnico 5 magnets, DCR 8,26 (neck) and 13,6 (bridge), HB6N and HotHB8B stickers at the baseplate, 2-wire connection Alnico Classic Pro - Alnico 2 magnets, DCR 7,68 (neck) and 8,34 (bridge), ACPNHCB-4 and ACPNHCN-4 stickers, 4-wire connection Probuckes - Alnico 2 magnets, DCR 8,04 (neck) and 8,96 (bridge), PB2NHBN-4 and PB3NHBB-4 stickers, 4-wire connection I think both ACP and PB are bright and not muddy. I had ACP's in Epi Explorer Pro TV Silver and they sounded good, but I wanted something of a stronger signal. Some people say ACP are Ep
  7. I think Gary Moore was not listed here yet, so let me do it. But I also like Mark Knopfler, Brian May, Neal Schon. I'm impressed with technical skills of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and Michael Angelo Batio, but it's not quite the kind of music I like to play.
  8. Truly speaking, I liked Alnico Classic Pro I got with Epi Explorer, but I wanted this guitar play heavier, hence the pickup swap.
  9. After 12 years of playing Ibanez RG270 I understood I needed another guitar with more classic feel. I could not afford Gibson, so I chose Epiphone. I thought it would be closer to the original LP than any other clone. Then I started reading more about Epi guitars and I bought Nighthawk, and later Explorer TV Silver. The latest guitar I bought is not Epiphone, but its close cousin - Kramer. Possibly I'll buy another Epi some day, and it'll be a semi-hollow. But now I tend to experiment with something more Strat-ish.
  10. Some time ago I saw "2010 Epiphone Pickup Chart" which stated as following: Alnico Classic: Alnico V magnet, 8.5 kOhm (neck), 13.5 kOhm (bridge) Alnico Classic Pro: Alnico II magnet, 8.15 kOhm (I think neck) Probucker-3: Alnico II magnet, 9 kOhm (bridge) There is however a little difference between DCR given above and the real measurements of the pickups I have. I have no idea how to determine what magnet type they have.
  11. Welcome to the forum. I am not sure what pickups are in Dot Pro, but I assume they might be Alnico Classic Pro. There is an easy way to determine it, just take the pickup out of the guitar and find a sticker on the baseplate. If the sticker says something line ACP... it's Alnico Classic Pro, PB2... is ProBucker-2, PB3... is Probucker-3. All these pickups have Alnico 2 magnets, Probuckers are wound a little hotter (higher DC resistance). Older non-coil-split humbuckers are Alnico Classic (non-Pro!!!) and their stickers say something like HB6... and HotHB8.... Whether changing pickups from Aln
  12. BaZie

    Kramer sm-1

    Most of Kramer guitars have poor colour selection, and in many cases there is only one or two colours for given guitar model and pickups configuration. There should be more variety, which would surely result in more guitars sold.
  13. Maybe a little off-topic, but my Kramer Assault was made in Indonesia.
  14. BaZie

    Kramer sm-1

    Is it what you're looking for? http://www.thomann.de/pl/kramer_guitars_sm1_black.htm
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