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  1. Thanks, wind and dust and bugs have been very scarce around here lately, being around 110 degrees F (44C) in the shade, plus the stain soaked into the wood really fast.
  2. I got a new Dove Pro a few weeks ago, $270 delivered. It is now a great guitar, really bright a clear. I have an affection for maple acoustics. It did however arrive with a few problems. 1st thing was the action, not bad but a little high on the bottom end. I took somewhere between 1/32 and 1/64 of an inch off the bridge from the D to low E. Then the frets needed attending to, I flattened the relief of the truss and leveled the frets. Nice---except, G string broke, slap on another and it broke. The tuner had a really sharp edge to it where the string fed through. If I did not have a spare chrome Grover in the parts drawer I would have got out the dremel and a filing cone, but I did so slapped it on there along with some tulip shaped buttons. I put a set of Cleartone's on, tuned up, set a slight relief and holy smokes. Awesome sounding, lower action than would be thought possible on this price guitar, and crystal clear. The I plugged in. Dang,, you could use this as a bass on the bottom 4, but tone and vol pots work good, and dialing in a good acoustic sound is easy as pie. All in all this is an excellent value for the money. One drawback now is I have a white dove on pickguard with yellow tinted tail feathers due to stain on my hands from LP jr I refinished and did not wash up properly.
  3. Bluemans335, I have a similar blackw/gold Aspen LP copy, bought from a neighbor yrs ago. Surprisingly nice ripoff copy, bolt on neck, 5 ply binding. In my youth and ignorance I put on a head decal with plenty of clear polyurathane so its not comming off. I use it mainly as my midi hooked to a Digitech 350 and Roland gr-20. It tracks amazingly well for midi.
  4. On an update roll and here is a sunny pic of the red wolf LP with all new elctronics. The Golden Age pups are just what the doctor ordered.
  5. Greetings, its been awhile since I posted. Here are some updates. 2 of the budget? guitars I have are a Epi LP jr and a 67 Gibbo SG Melody Maker. The SG was the 1st electric I ever bought, used in 73~74. I think i paid $80 for it. Previouse owner had painted it black. Originally it was a Pelham Blue single coil 1 pup with whammy. I still have the old hardware in my parts drawer. Nowadays I see these guitars going for $1200 to $2000,in original condition, the original base price was $99.50. As it goes , in 1994-5 I modded it out. 3 pup, individual switching, sperzel tuners and a Wilky whammy. This was the birth of the Red Dwarf. It sounds and plays sweet. I can get some very 90's Jerry Garciaesque horn and brassy tones out of it. It also can twang if so desired. TheLP Jr is a new addition Its the Solar Eclipse. Here is the whole story on it. A week or so ago I picked up an Epiphone Les Paul Junior guitar from a classified ad. It was a package deal from a guy selling his sons abandoned rock dreams. I got a 10 watt Crate amp, a guitar stand, leather strap, brand new braided cord and the guitar for $100. It is a 2008 LP Jr and came with thick brown/black sunburst finish. I did not even plug it in, I just took it apart. One full day of sanding revealed a 16 layer pancake body of mohogany and alder wood. The alder top was nicely grained but thin. the edges were particularly rough so careful sanding was needed. Day 2, I wet wiped and tack clothed then applied a coat of prestain conditioner, 1 coat of natural stain, and 3 coats of lemon yellow concentrated stain color from StewMac's. Day 3, I wasn't happy with the pancaked laminate sides so I masked and painted a binding strip around the sides, followed by another coat of lemon yellow stain. Day 4, Sanding and buffing, 400, 600, 800 grit sanding and 1200,2000 grit polish pads. Buffing with a cotton wheel in a hand drill. Next I installed a pickup left over from another LesPaul project, a "Hot Bridge Classic Humbucker" circa 2009 which is hot, it ohmed out at 14.6 . I also switched the tone cap for a .022uf orange drop. Assembly came next. Gold Grovers from prior LP project, brass screws from Home Depot, and an adjustable brige from StewMac. I had to drill tuner holes to 10 mm for Grovers. The bridge was tricky because of the new height. I had to countersink the studs slightly to get the action down to my preference and still allow for height adjustment. I strung and unstrung the the bridge three times before I had it right, lowering stud holes each time. Strung up, tuned, and intonation set this is a fine guitar. I think it might benifit from a .045 uf tone cap but that will be later. Played through the 50 watt 2x12 Vox it has a good spread of tone throughout the volume and tone pots. The pup is has a great overdrive with good definition of string notes, while rolling off to a nice rich clean and full sound. In 2-3 weeks, once the finish has cured completely, I will wet sand and apply either a nitro clear or oil rub to the body to make it gloss out.
  6. A circle of 5(ths). Humming Artist, EJ-200 Artist (the worlds best $150 maple jumbo!), 62 Anni Sheraton, 56 Goldtop LP, 09 LE LP with Golden Age Pups. I love the sound of maple acoustics, waiting for the Dove Pro to be available in a month or so to add to the circle.
  7. a fret rocker ( stew macs name not mine ) will reveal any high or low frets. it is just a straight edge machined at diff lenghts to rest on 3 frets at a time across the board. if indeed the frets are the cause it will show high or low frets. I could also say,,, loosen strings, relieve any backbow or front bow, (flat neck, use a straight edge) check frets, apply slight relief, nut above bridge, string up and adjust bridge height and intonation, a quarter works well at the 12th fret for a feeler guage with finger on 1st fret. This is not as easy as I make it sound. But again it is not rocket science just plain geometry and physics. HTH
  8. I want one too . That is a good lookin ax
  9. Here is another exceptoinal Epi I have A 2009 Limited Red hog LP w/ gold hardware. stock photo, sorry I am currently rewiring this for push/pull split, phase. and series-parallel. To do this I had to replace the stock PUP's which btw were really good sounding, but only 2 leads. I am using Stew-Mac "Golden Age" hb's. Got them in Gold but popped the cover off the bridge and painted the bobbin an almond color. Tiny Solder lugs and its going slow,, but steady on eh? here is the template i made and progress so far Will keep updateing as time goes on, but I work for Peoria Az Sports Complex and we are into our last week of Spring Training , so might be awhile. Keep Playing, Jammy
  10. Hi again Epiphonians, I thought I would follow up on my last (and Only )post,,1st post. I would be remiss not to say that this guitar is one sweet semiH. The sounds and tones that come out of it , even when I play it, are nothing short of phenominal. Clean jazz riffs: silky smooth. Overdiven rockabilly bouncing 12 bars at the open end: swampy down and dripping with bayou honey(just a touch of spring verb). All out rock ala James Patrick Page, Edward VH, Billy F Gibbons: abolutely dead get up and shake your moneymaker cool. The MiniHB's by gibson are clear and bright, pinch harmonics are a breeze, the tone and vol pots crystle clean and very responsive. I have been playing this for 3-4 weeks now and I cannot get tired of it. Epi has really put out one swell guitar with this model Kudos.
  11. Allrighty , Hello all you Epi owners, I am new here . I have been reading this forum for 10 or more days now. Ever since I found out about the 50th anniversary ’62 Sherry. Read posts for 2 days then I ordered one. Got it Monday 2-25-13. What a beaut! Signed up to show you all some pix., but 1st a little history. I got my 1st epi, a 12er back in early- mid 70’s. Was not great but I banged on it for 10 yrs or so. Bridge bellied off and I gave it away. Flash forward to 2008 I liked Epi's, so I got a “56" gold top P-90 LP ,,sweet, then a red stained all mahogany gold hardware LP, then a EJ-200CE (played for 2 -3 yrs and gave it to my brother) , then a Hummingbird Artist, and a EJ-200 Artist($150, I couldn’t resist) . So now I have the 62 Sherry, nice nice axe. Natural ,,,, 286 of series. Finish- a+ Setup? Not bad at all little too much relief- fixed strings are 10’s, seem like 11’s or 12’s would be better but I will fool around with these for a while. Intonation was pretty good , had to sharpen the A string. My Obsevation; the frequesator has a LOT of string before the bridge, Bending strings like I do is problematic but I think nut sauce or graphite on bridge and nut will remedy that toot suite!. Here are some pix.
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