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  1. Here's my final update. I took the L-5 to Eric's Guitar Shop for a setup. He buffed the frets instead of dressing them so as to preserve the height. That seems to have done the trick on the roughness issue. I told him about the guitar buzzing and all that needed to be done was to set the bridge pickup closer to the strings, thus picking up the slack on the lose springs. It seems to be perfect now! I had him put on flat wound strings but am not crazy about them, mostly because of the feel. Perhaps I'll get used to it. Thanks for all the help! Here's a pic from today's studio photo shoot:
  2. Well, I made the deal with my friend and I'm now the proud owner of a 2001 L-5 Signature Tangerine burst! Since she's officially mine I think I'll have a go at (gently) removing the pickgaurd and tightening down the pickup rings to see if that sufficiently kills the rest of the slight rattles. Also, it feels like the frets have never been dressed as when you slide your fingers over them they feel rough. I think I've read that Gibson does a terrible job at setting these up at the factory. I'll take it to my guy here in LA and have him do a set up and troubleshoot any remaining buzzes. Thanks for all the good information!
  3. I'm still checking tis sucker out and have been enjoying recording with it. The buzz is very minimal and doesn't affect the recordings in the least so that's good. I'm curious as to what color the guitar is. At first I thought it was a tangerine burst but in person the front is more honey colored. Did they make a honey type finish or is this just a darker tangerine?
  4. I'm curious if anyone here knows what these l-5 Signatures might be worth. I have an opportunity to do a trade for studio time (I run recordla.com) and even if I don't end up keeping the guitar I could probably sell it and not lose anything. From what little I can find it looks like there are other used ones going for around $6k. Does this seem about right? It's a mint (minus the slight buzzing) 2001 Tangerine burst.
  5. Thanks everyone. Yeah, I really didn't want to touch anything but the mad scientist in me is ever present so I wanted to find out what to do "just in case" I can't help myself:-) At this point it's not bad but in the event I wind up acquiring this beauty I'll probably dive in and try to make it a little better.
  6. Hi, I've been evaluating a friend's 2001 L-5 Signature that apparently was never set up. I don't think he even played it as it had 10s on it and the intonation was way off. On top of that, there were some major vibration buzzing issues which seem to mostly to be coming from the pickup mounting rings and pickups. I'd like to safely remove the pickgaurd and just tighten the lower screws on the mounting hardware of the pickup rings but was afraid that I might break something. I did take off the single screw that's next to the neck but wondered if I can safely unscrew the metal mount that's attached to the lower part of the guitar? - Dave
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