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  1. Put on some damn clothes! :)
  2. He also produced some good albums! Sad day indeed.
  3. deeman

    2019 lacquer

    If you live in an area that gets really cold during the winter like below freezing, leave the guitar in the trunk all day while you're at work/school, bring it inside, take it out of the case, play your gig and repeat until desired look is achieved.
  4. That stinks...if there's no other hope for the guitar...you could try to snap the neck off completely and repair it then. I unfortunately snapped the neck off my epi G400 like 15 years ago. I was able to glue it back together and it plays like a charm...ymmv of course. Sounds kinda extreme to completely break it, but if its the last resort?
  5. Thumb drive for sure. I do know that there are a few places that do small order vinyl pressings. You could do a 7 inch or 10 inch and make it a more unique tangible thing. :)
  6. Change the strings, lubricate the nut and stretch out the new strings.
  7. Agree, while those digital things do seem fun and I'm sure many enjoy using them, I just wanna stand in front of 100 watts of tube power and plug in my small briefcase pedal board and rock.
  8. You may want to post this in the Acoustic sub-forum too.
  9. I guess they could add a better capcha or multi-step registration process to prevent bots from signing up...unless the bots in china can get past all that stuff.
  10. Is it just the picture or is that fredboard like a mile wide? I guess if you like the guitar and it plays well and sounds good to you, great but I hope you didn't pay more than 50 bucks for it. :)
  11. There's also a report post link that will send an alert to the mods/admins.
  12. wild bill sure LOVES to use caps LOCK when he composes out his POSTS along with ARBITRARY ellipses.......and INCORRECT advice. the op WOULD be doing themselves a favor to IGNORE any post OF his.
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