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  1. I was going to say complaining about AC not working while like 20% of the country have been laid off, while collecting a paycheck paid for by those people who are laid off is silly but I'm not going to say that. :)
  2. Yeah, the gold just wears off. For mine, I'm a heavy palm muter and the tune-o-matic especially the EAD strings is basically chrome now.
  3. Yeah, pick up that other studio. It probably won't be the same, but it'll be close. I'm curious to see how that goes if you get it so keep us updated. My '06 Studio has the 50s baseball bat neck too, I think that was how they made them at least through 2012 or so.
  4. I just did a quick google search and in 10 seconds found a half a dozen services or software for virtual jam sessions. No idea if they work well though.
  5. deeman


    Is it normal to have a 57 paired with a BB3? The dates of the 2 pickups are about the same, so I'd imagine it must have come like that ut I thought it was 57 Classic and 57 Classic+.
  6. The timing of this is unfortunate because on one hand people have bigger things on their minds right now, but on the other, they also have nothing better to do. It'll be interesting to see the results.
  7. ](*,)+:-@[cursing][thumbdn][wub][thumbup][laugh]
  8. I would bet traffic deaths are down too. Anecdotally, as I take my walks and keep my appropriate distances, people in the neighborhood are much friendlier than usual. Most of my favorite artists are doing semi-regular live-streams on the internet for fans. Working from home means I get to play with my kids a lot more. I'm not really buying anything other than food, so I'm saving a lot of money.
  9. That Anvil Doc is great. One of the best docs of the past decade of any topic, not just music.
  10. 1. Aliens 2. Magical Anti-gravity gizmos. !
  11. I'd go back to ancient Egypt to figure out who build the pyramids and how.
  12. I agree, yours is totally better and we totally de-railed this thread about high e slippage. My apologies to the OP.
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