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  1. Thanks for sharing, it looks great!
  2. Sorry bro, the trade happened a few years ago huh? That stinks. Anyway to trade back?
  3. They say the gig economy is growing, no time like the present to break away from the corporate chains. Other tips for making a living as a musician: 1) Always go over your set time, especially if you're opening. 2) During set up, make sure to get in some practice playing your favorite riffs like smoke on the water or some progressive track no one's ever heard of while your other guitar player is playing sweet child o mine 3) Never use a tuner. Just stand by your amp, crank it up and tune by ear after every song. 4) Never interact with the audience. Why should they know your name, keep them guessing. 5) Always bring your own lights, fog machine and sound guy to run the board, clubs love it.
  4. I seem to remember those faded burst studios. 2009 is right around when they were stopping with the chambering and starting to go with the modern weight relief. I think the faded studios had burstbuster pickups and the regular studios had the 490r/498t pickups.
  5. I'm thinking if you have like 20 guitars already, and you really like the guitar it might make sense. The other scenario I can think would be that you picked up that particular R8 guitar and it played better than any guitar you've ever owned or played before and the Custom and Standard you want to trade never really jived with you, then it would make sense to trade. If the 2 situations above do not apply, you must buy.... with a trade.
  6. Hey, there are a lot of entry level interfaces like this one out there that have preamps built in and work with a simple DAW. For the price, this may be a good entry point. I haven't used this, but at the price, you can't afford not to get it. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Behringer/U-Phoria-UM2-1418053829813.gc?source=4WWRWXMP&msclkid=dc107bdd31aa10285d8525ce5021ca8c&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=[ADL] [GC] [PLA] [Shopping] - (Pro Audio - Recording Gear - Audio Interfaces) - {MQ} - [MV]&utm_term=4578366445663255&utm_content={MQ} Pro Audio - Recording Gear - Audio Interfaces (GC) (Bing)&adlclid=ADL-39756470-7a06-4a49-bbc9-5ab270ab0ed8
  7. Ouch. I love the Beatles, but its true.
  8. All these posts and no one got the right answer. The American release of Magical Mystery Tour. The LP with the double gate-fold and booklet is awesome, but the songs are better. That being said, the Beatles are the most over rated band ever.
  9. Are you posting in the right thread? This is about VOS, not overseas shipping.
  10. The As have some good players. That Marcus Semien and Matt Chapman are amazing.
  11. Spotify does not pay literally 0.. For an independent band that is moderately successful it can be a wonderful supplemental income source in addition to their album and merch sales on the road. Google Play does do a much better job of royalty payment so kudos to Billroy. See this article https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/apr/03/how-much-musicians-make-spotify-itunes-youtube As you can see, artists complaining about spotify, especially like huge ones like Taylor Swift, are just getting F-ed by their labels. Taylor would make a killing off Spotify even at a 80% of a penny a steam. but her label takes 80% of that 80%.
  12. I hope when I get older I don't become an elitist snob. Mr. Pepper, this isn't a good look for you. Just enjoy the f-in show. I'm not a huge fan but boy can he put on a show and he is extremely popular for a reason.
  13. To say the streaming royalties are bad to the artist and that buying a CD at a store or one song off iTunes is better for the artist isn't really true. It really depends on who owns the rights to the song and if an artist has a crappy deal with a record company. My understanding about spotify is that the record companies are taking quite a large cut and it's not getting to the artist. Same goes for iTunes. Usually purchasing merch directly from the band is the best way to support the artist, whether on their bandcamp page or at a show. You can usually get a digital version of their songs from them there too. Good replacement for iTunes, so you don't have to support that company.
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