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  1. That's awesome. Looks great and enjoy it!
  2. Sure, but there's different models and pickup offerings to choose from. Plus everyone has different tastes so if you're looking for a strat sound, you may want to just go with a strat or something similar.
  3. I'm confused?? The pole spacing is different between the bridge and neck pickups (read 490r 490t). Its like if your left foot were bigger than your right.
  4. I agree with Bill on paper not seeing or playing either guitar. If you really like the SG and it plays well or better than your LP and you like it then go for it.
  5. deeman


    That is a good looking guitar. Very cool!
  6. I bought one in 2001 for about $400. I feel like the price point for that guitar has been around 400 or so since new. If it is in great shape you can ask for $200 maybe?
  7. It's genuine. It is a very basic model, not sure what the secondary market is anywhere where the euro is used so can't say too much about the price. If it sounds good and you like it, go for it!
  8. One wrap around the peg, tune up, stretch the strings liberally.
  9. deeman


    Some people live life, some live to complain. Sorry gramps.
  10. Nice. I've had my Dual Rec for like 15 years and the whole time have played it through an old Ampeg stereo cab. I like the way it sounds but I still wonder how it would sound with a matching cab. Nothing like plugging in a Les Paul, cranking up 100 watts of rock and blowing out an ear drum. Never gets old :)
  11. No need to call the feds, leave it to the Karma Police.
  12. deeman


    That's a bad a** guitar Sparky. Love the look!
  13. deeman


    Love me some guitar porn.
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