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  1. She thinks she's the village bicycle! Sooner or later she wants everyone to get a ride.
  2. No one plays a double neck guitar because they want to. You play one because you have to! That being said, that is one GORGEOUS EDS1275. I would love to have one in my collection and I will probably someday.
  3. Who could complain today? Happy 4-20. Keep on keepin' on!
  4. Peterson strobe all night long. https://www.petersontuners.com/products/stompclassic/ Peterson Tuners
  5. How many are there? All of them is an answer that comes to mind. How many do you guys need? I'll take what's left. After Joe Bonamassa gets through buying them all there will only be a couple left though.
  6. Someone should advise Joe Bonamassa of its availability.
  7. Got rid of my SG400 because of it. As soon as I let go of the neck it tried to tie my shoe laces. Didn't matter what strap I had on it either. I contemplated putting an acoustic strap onto the headstock but I figured I already look dorky enough so I traded it (and another acoustic) for a Gibson Flying V. Problem solved!
  8. Here's a breakdown of what the controls do. DIP 1: Neck pickup can be split (true single) or tapped (P-90 type tone) DIP 2: Bridge pickup can be split (true single) or tapped (P-90 type tone) DIP 3: Neck pickup treble bleed circuit (On or off) DIP 4: Bridge pickup treble bleed circuit (On or off) DIP 5: Transient suppression circuit (Spike control) for recording Neck Volume: Pull for Split or tap (depending on DIP 1) Bridge Volume: Pull for Split or tap (depending on DIP 2) Neck tone: Pull for neck pickup phase reversal Bridge Tone: Pull for Full bypass
  9. WOW! Is that (dare I say it) a vintage PUP? Wayqrewl! I found after using this pup for a while. It's got a real meaty bite to it now. But it's nice and mellow in my hands. Treat it wrong and it'll bite you on the as*.
  10. Easy now folks. Let him have his opinion. I am confident that once he has finished his "Snickers" bar he won't be quite as upset by other members' photos or comments. The interwebs is a huge place full of people without faces. I personally enjoy reading comments from people I don't necessarily agree with. I roll my eyes a bit when I see the 500th post about pickguards or weights or which brand of magnetic field receptor/signal converters (not pups) sound best but everyone's path is different and I know that someone else wants that info even if I don't. You never know what you can
  11. I picked up an Ebony Hummingbird Pro this summer. I wanted something I could take to places I wouldn't take my Gibson. I am quite impressed with the feel, sound and playability of mine too, Congratulations on your acquisition. I hope it brings you years of enjoyment.
  12. Looks too Fenderish for an Epiphone (JMHO) I personally prefer when brands generate signature looking instruments or completely new designs. Its beneath the major players to try to steal market share by emulating someone else's design cues. Leave that tactic to the lesser brands. Again, this is just my opinion (but that is what you asked for). I would not be interested.
  13. The dealer who ordered them sets the quantity in the run. I have a Limited run "Mystic Rosewood" Custom Shop Songwriter. I don't care how many or few there are. The rosewood makes the tone so full and warm that it inspired me. The fact that it passed through the custom shop may or may not mean more attention was paid during its construction. The script logo, abalone purfling, binding and orange label are nice touches but I think it should be sound and feel that make any instrument sought after. These instruments are all hand made and so even guitars that came off the same line on the sam
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