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  1. Have a Les Paul Custom and it sounds awesome with my JVM 410 stack and/or the JMD 100 stack. But, then again it gets bad to the bone when coupled with my Flying "V" or my Strats. Love that Marshall feeling when both stacks hit you in the chest with the sonic wave of power. The JMD can get almost Fender clean if needed, but why? Keep on rockin'
  2. I just purchased a Flying V from a very reputatble Gibson dealer on the internet...99 % is an excellent job, but I cannot beleive the area were the neck is attached to the body. It looks like someone did a very poor bondo job on both sides of the neck? has anyone else run across this? Can't find a Flying V at the stores to compare...think I will take some pictures and forward them to Gibson. I have a 1980 Explorer 2 in walnut an it is awesome...the V looks like it was made in China. Comments appreciated. Terry
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