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  1. Just had my new tech install a Deer Horn nut on my J45. Very noticeable difference in sound and sustain from the bone nut that was in it before. Brighter with a sharper attack and great projection. Highly recommend giving it a try.
  2. Have you looked at the Les Paul Classic Plus? Great finishes, hot pickups, few hundred less than a Standard. I have owned a Studio(wine red), a BFG Gary Moore, a Traditional Heritage Cherry Burst and most recently a Traditional Faded Honeyburst and of them all I love the Classic the most. Sounds great, plays great, weighs a ton...lol. 60's slim profile neck is a joy to play and the pickups (496 and 500) are very hot, so well suited to heavy rock, but clean up very nicely for blues or classic rock.
  3. The difference for me is the way that certain chords will have strings that produce a flatter or sharper note when I used the other tuners or tried to tune by ear. Yes, eventually I would find the sweet spot when fine tuning by ear but the Peterson makes the entire process more efficient with little room for error. If you play with a capo at all you will notice a big difference in the sound of your chords. I have used everything from a tuning fork to most tuners on the market but there is little argument against the quality and accuracy of the Peterson products, they've been used by luthier
  4. Preaching to the choir....apparently I am related to the creatures in Alien as my pores exude corrosion causing enzymes.
  5. I was an Elixir 12's user for years until I tried the Martin Lifespan. Similar technologies, night and day from a sound perspective. I will not go back to the Elixirs again.
  6. I own the Planet Waves tuner as well as a Boss Clip On. Both are reliable and function quite well, but as I am a card carrying member of the GAS Society I was driven to place an order for the StroboClip by Peterson through Stew-Mac. The StroboClip arrived today in it's fancy silver canister. After experimenting with it most of the afternoon I have to admit, it is as good as advertised. Looks like the other 2 tuners will be looking for new digs.
  7. Every time I see Bob interviewed I get the impression that he's the only one who's getting the joke.
  8. I can't imagine liking a guitar more than I do this one.
  9. Having trouble posting pics. All my files are too large.
  10. (3).JPG] Sorry, just traded the Cherry for a J-45 Rosewood Modern Classic (Antique Natural). Will post pics of this one later today.
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