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  1. M-m-m-m-m... make no mistake: a Sheraton and a Dot are two different guitars (BIG diff).
  2. re: photos ~ been try'n with no luck (file too large) however, research has revealed this is a '97 Peerless Riviera - unusual color, unusual choice of p'ups... I grabbed it for the Epi logo vibrato, but... its really pretty cool so ... don't think I'm gonna cannibalize it now that I have it in my hands.
  3. Just bought ANOTHER guitar (which I don't need): its an Epiphone Riviera BM R97M, black metallic with some kind'a aftermarket pickups installed (Fender?) ... I've never seen one like this - speed knobs, screenprinted fretboard markings, strange shape headstock w/ mop inlays. Can anyone out there help ID this one? Plse advise Luv, filth Pisces
  4. Just received an Epiphone brand 335 hardshell case and I am pretty disappointed I'm a HUGE Epiphone fan and i got this for my 30yr old Casino. As a player since '77, I'm somewhat familiar w/ these cases. A bargain (I thought), it only cost $79 from Musicians Friend and arrived quickly. BOTTOM LINE ~ This case is lightweight & flimsy: The hinges are loose, the lid flops around and it won't close tightly or securely. You have to hold the lid in place when tightening the clasps or else it wants to slide off track & hang off one side. The plastic covering arrived from factory scuffed-up. The vinyl is soft- feels like it'll rip easily and the pleather pattern ranges from slight to nonexistant. The fur lining is sparse, faded and looks pretty cheap. I'm disappointed. I could have bought a generic case that would have been better quality. IMO: Epiphone should be ashamed to put their name on this junk. Major bummer. Luv, filth Pisces
  5. do yourself a favor & get a bulk pack of D'addario's.
  6. a set-up might fix it ~ HOWEVER, its not unusual for the chinese-made guitars to arrive w/ significant flaws. they tend to use poor quality metals & often come in w/ a pretty crappy fret job. a new Epi is guaranteed and your complaint is legitimate. i wouldn't hesitate to bring it back to place of purchase & see what they'll do about it. most stores will give you a free set-up on new guitars (esp w/ the problem(s) you've described), during which they'll be able to examine the instrument closely. their shop expert deems necessary, they can replace it. good luck!
  7. major bummer. i have bought & sold many guitars online and, for the most part, have had good experiences. yeah, many guitar stores will price-match ~ i always try to find the guitar i want locally then try to haggle them down (before buy sight unseen). you never know.
  8. Hey! Does anyone out there in Epi-land know if its possible to buy an Epiphone brand vibrato? (I've only ever seen them on the Casino & Riviera TQ's)... There are plenty of Bigsby brand vibratos out there but slim - nil of the Epi's Any info would be GREATLY appreciated! Luv, filth pisces
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