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  1. God I love Goldtops. I wanna get a Goldtop Traditional. Or GC just released the Trad. Pro in Goldtop, maybe get one of those.
  2. That's either crabs or syphilis. I had it circa '93, it'll go away with some antibiotics.
  3. My bad! Just looked and they discontinued the old ones, but good news...they came out with a new version. P-Rails Set
  4. I've got P-Rails in an Avril Lavigne Tele (yes you can laugh at me.) But it's a good guitar for the PUps cause it has a three way coil tap on it already, and it has a cool finish. But I digress...First off, I'm pretty sure they discontinued the PRails, so you might have a tough time finding them. Second, if you get them, you'll at least need a coil tap on two of your pots, but that still won't get the full tonal spectrum that they offer. What you're gonna wanna do is get a three way mini switch installed ON BOTH PICKUPS, so you'll have to drill into your body, but just two tiny holes. Idk how
  5. Stop talking about studios and standards. Three people already stated the dude plays a Jr. He even has a signature model: Billie Jo LP Jr.
  6. I love how my R9 plays, but the BBs are just a tad too hot for me. Any suggestions on some good PUPs to replace 'em with?
  7. '07 Melody Maker Dual Pickups, $475. I'd offer $350. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/msg/1385987438.html
  8. Buy one of these: eBow Problem Solved!
  9. Best quote from his myspace: "i'm still here smokin because of God and Christ who are first and formost in my life." BAHAHAHAHA.
  10. Thanks Guys, Much appreciated, It didn't have the custom made badge on it I don't think, and it definitely had T-Top PUPs, so i don't think those are Tim Shaw's
  11. Hey, I have been in the market for a 70s LP and there is one at my local guitar shop for $1900 I think. It is a 1979 Goldtop(I think) with T-Top PUPs and it is a "K.M." or Kalamazoo model. The guy in there told me they put that on the LPs when they were moving their factory to Nashvegas. He said it's probably one of the last few LPs made in that factory. Should I jump on this or hold out? Any collector's value? It was in good condition and played nice.
  12. You could get an old bassman head for about $400 and whatever cab floats your boat for about $300, probably sound the best out of everything mentioned so far too
  13. ZVEX Box of Rock, BYOC Shredder, Xotic BB Preamp, OCD will not give you Marshall tone like these will, If anyone is still paying attention to this thread...
  14. Or you could sell everything you already own and just buy one of these... Royal Amps JPP50 Listen to the sound clips...I want one...
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