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  1. Those ES339's look great with the Bigsby trem. Here's my 339. Maybe a Bigsby in the future?
  2. Thanks guys I'm very happy with the way this rig turned out. The Peavey is a 20 watt all tube micro head through Peavey 1x12 extention cabs.
  3. I've been transitioning from bass playing to guitar after 30 years and chose this 339 to get the job done. Fit 'n finish and tone are great on this EPI.
  4. Thanks guys, the ergonomics fit and finish on the BB1024X are what i've been looking for. It's a passive P/J setup with a 3-way switch. Only thing lacking from it is the wood ageing treatment that the Japan built BB2024X receives. This one's indonesian built. Plan on keeping it, so that will not be a concern. GSG - I dig the finish on your new Ric, pretty awesome. Bassilisk - Your BB3000S is a classic for sure.
  5. Latest Yamaha in the house - Tobacco burst 1024x Neck feels like a Jazz bass a comfortable player.
  6. New band California Breed featuring Glenn Hughes - Jason Bonham - Andrew Watt and a healthy dose of SG
  7. Little Green Bag - George Baker Selection
  8. The current crop - Ibanez acoustic, Yamaha BB1024X, Ibanez AGB200.
  9. In the following video the pickups are described as T-bird mini and T-bird plus. They appear to be different sized then T-bird pups, makes me wonder if the windings and magnets used are what makes them the same as a T-bird. Good question. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5zk3i-tUYk
  10. Thank you John. Very close to the Jack Casady in tone - the reasons i went with this one was the short scale and narrower body width.
  11. Awesome Jazz with the Hendrix colors and maple neck
  12. Thanks GS, she's built like a tank which is surprising. I was expecting it to be lighter weight from looking at the pics on Ibanez website, but that's cool as it feels durable. I put some Chrome flats on her today to darken the tone.
  13. Here's a second hand sleeper of a bass i picked up at the music shop yesterday. An Ibanez Artcore series bass. Semi hollow body, great woody tone using the neck pickup. This one just about plays itself with great fret spacing and medium gauge strings.
  14. She's a beauty gsg Great walnut color!
  15. Musicman Stingray exactly the same as the one pictured. Owned it through the 80's and 90's then had to sell it during a rough patch.
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