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  1. I've read a few places that, probably due to the push/pull feature, that the knobs are glued on. Anyone know if this is fact? I've tried "normal" methods of removal to no avail . I want a different pickguard made so I gotta remove the knobs, etc.
  2. I'm a huge fan of hollowbody basses, got my '69 EB-2 in 1990 for $200, it's completely intact and has a couple factory "special-order" features. I also have a Midtown and love it, it gigs a lot! I had one of the 90s Epi Rivolis and compared to my EB-2 it wasn't even close. Not bad, just not great. My guess is, as cellkirk stated, the Midtown and ES-335 Bass are meant to cover the hollowbody market.
  3. It's a Hondo from the early 80s. Full-scale, solidbody, stock Dimarzio pickup. Sounds great, bought it new way back when.
  4. It's my understanding that Bugera is Behringer, which I do not hold in high regard.
  5. Before: After: Hipshots!
  6. Changed the tuners to Hipshot, gotta have clovers!
  7. Got a used EB-13 last Friday, very nice OHSC. This bass is LIGHT! Balances well, the satin finish is gonna allow me to not worry about scratches and dings like I would with a gloss finish. The neck is "different" but in a good way; kinda shallow from top to back. The bridge is an amazing piece of engineering, I had to go online to figure out how to adjust it but after that it was easy. The pickguard is the only negative; the tortoiseshell looks very cheesy and the guard is so flimsy that it flexes when pulling the cable out of the jack. Needs a side-mounted jack or better pickguard. Large vari
  8. Just got this one back from getting refinished.
  9. Played a show in downtown Austin, Texas last night. The Midtown sounded great.
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