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  1. No I'm afraid not. Just an old string stretcher from way back.....I'm starting to restore my 1955 125 as best I can and give it to my grandson.
  2. Thank you Jim, I did not expect a reply this quickly....Would I be correct in assuming that the 4 digit number following the W is the numbers of this guitar produced at that time and mine would be the three thousand two hundred and nineteenth one produced in that batch? Would there be more than one batch produced in that year? And what meaning has the 2 digit number 25 at the end, and separated from the other numbers?
  3. Hey, thanks fellows you helped me identify my Gibson I bought in 1961 as the ES 125 W model and built in 1955. There are two stamps on the inside back. The one on the left back is the (ES 125) and on the right back side is the (W3219 25) stamp....Can anyone tell me what the numbers after the W mean?
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