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  1. Thanks guys, I think you confirmed my suspicions. I had already told him I was leery about it being a real Gibson but thought I would post the picture here to see what you thought. Even with the small grainy picture I knew there was enough detail that someone could say at least what it is. I have an idea that this may be something someone pieced together because they wanted a Gibson and it didn't play like one so it has been robbed of parts deteriorated to the condition it is in now. I appreciate your help. Cheers, Bob
  2. Thanks Nick, I know you and a few others here have a wealth of knowledge of all things Gibson. I am trying to get more detailed pictures and any markings it may have on it but this picture is all I have to go on at this point. I am hoping ID it so my client has an idea what he will be seeing when he goes to check it out. It is a friend of his that owns the guitar so he isn't buying it from a complete stranger. Thanks for the help, Bob
  3. Hi guys, Its been a while since I posted here but I have a client that is looking to buy a guitar and he sent me this picture and I just can't seem to ID it. I am not sure if it is something that was pieced together or an actual Gibson. It seems to have components of a few different guitars like the tail piece of a ES 350 and the headstock logo of a l5. I do see however it has the pup switch on the top which does not seem to fit anything I can find. The headstock also seems a bit odd in that the "flower pot" flourish seems to be oversized as well as the space between the tuner p
  4. I wish... That has always been my dream guitar. I wish I had the $5,000 it took to buy one. Maybe one day I will run across one that needs some TLC that I can afford. I didn't see the other post that got deleted but it sound like it was some kind of fun... I enjoy music of all types, but one thing I try not to do is listen to artists spew their politics because they are all stupid. And we all know when you start talking politics on a forum like this it doesn't end well.
  5. Sorry I couldn't resist.
  6. One of the best songs ever written.... I thought it appropriate for the topic. +1 Ted Well I don't know where they come from but they sure do come I hope they're comin' for me And I don't know how they do it but they sure do it good I hope they're doin' it for free They give me cat scratch fever Cat scratch fever Well the first time that I got it I was just 10 years old I got it from some kitty next door Well I went and seen the doctor and he gave me the cure I think I got it some more They give me cat scratch fever Cat scratch fever I got it bad
  7. Nice grouping of Gibsons there Zomby, I would have to say my favorite would be the LG with the J-50 in a close second (I like the story behind it). There is a trick to taking pictures of guitars (and other like objects). That would be to turn your flash off and use natural light. Try taking pictures near a window so the reflections of the window play off of your guitar. It helps to have the reflection of some plants or a tree to show off the shiny surface of the guitar. You may have to add another light source if you can't get enough light through a window. A Flash tends to ma
  8. MR GIBS, I completely understand your frustration and have been in your position a few times. For over 12 years I was into on line car racing and followed a number of forums. There are people in this world that are so unhappy with themselves that they feel they need to push others around, especially on the internet where no on has a face. I finally came to realize that you can't argue with them because that is exactly what they want. They want to make everyone else as miserable as they are so they can feel better about themselves. Just ignore them. That is the last thing they w
  9. Dude, That is some serious picking... I use to play with a guy that could do that to picks and guitars, at first he couldn't play my "good" guitars and then I banished him from playing any of them. I play very light and use light strings so I can't remember the last time I broke a pick. I would say you need tougher picks, ever tried metal?
  10. First off there are a number of things to consider before doing any work on your guitar. Value. Without doing some research about this specific model I would be very reluctant to just dig into it. The cutaway and the black paint are not original and how does that effect the value. I know refinishing a guitar can cut the value in half (even if you are bringing it back to original specs). If you don't really care about what it is worth and just want to bring it back to life then you have to consider how much the repairs will cost and is the guitar actuall worth putting the kind of mon
  11. I just came back and re-read my post and I think It came out a bit rude. I am sorry Hogeye, it sounded different in my head... Writing on forums does that sometimes so if I sounded smug or rude I certainly didn't mean it. Bob
  12. Oh Great! Now you tell me.... I have been using carpet tape for years on pick guards. I have even removed a few and never had any problem with it damaging the finish or ripping the wood apart. Maybe I am just lucky. I wonder what luthiers did before Stew Mack... I am sure he knows it isn't going to fall off but his question was how to fix it. My guess is he doesn't think "It's Fine"
  13. My furnace unit is a GeneralAir which is similar to the Honeywell model. That will keep my house and shop in the high 30's but the humidity fluctuates with the amount my furnace kicks on. A couple of years ago I added the whole house unit. Some may think it is overkill but I just recently started building guitars and it is essential to have consistent 40 to 50% humidity. The good thing about having 2 is that the whole house unit doesn't need to work very hard to maintain 45% humidity. That is a EssickAir 14 gal console unit.
  14. j45nick, I agree with you about removing it. I have fixed a few of them and the big problem is trying to get the double stick tape under the lifting PG. Chances are it will start lifting again in the same spot or next to it. Once you have the PG off clean the old adheasive off with naphtha and then inspect it to see if it is starting to warp. That may be the reason it is lifting. If it is then I would suggest putting it in hot water and apply light pressure to get it back to flat. Hot water will be the best way to do it since a heat gun or even a hair dryer can warp it and turn it t
  15. Mark, Excellent point about bacteria growth. I use the bottles of additive you can get and it seems to work pretty well. I can tell you from experience if you don't put something in to keep the bacteria from growing, you will know it because it will start to smell funky. I use to have one of the ultrasonic units but I switched to an evaporation unit because the ultrasonic one left white residue from our city water on everything within about 5 feet of the unit. My wife is the one that pointed it out so we switched to the evaporation one and have not had a problem since. Another good
  16. Some guitars move a lot with the seasonal changes. You may want to make up another saddle so you have one for winter months and one for summer. I have done that for a couple of my clients and it works out really well for them. When the action changes they just slip in their second saddle and off they go. Since you are already adjusting the one on the guitar I would order another one and when spring comes around and your action changes back, set it up with your new one. You will pobably still have to adjust the truss rod but it is a much quicker process if you have 2 saddles.
  17. I forgot to add that if I were to choose between more or less transparent I would pick less (as if not obvious from my prior post). My reason is that I find it a bit busy if you can see the burst through the PG. But any way you go is great as long as it is how you want. We can tell you what we think all day long and in the end it is up to you. Cheers, Bob
  18. I had this same topic rolling around my head when I rebuilt this J-40. I decided on making a custom bat wing and decided I liked black against the burst. I cut the sound hole so the white laminate completes the rosette. And I also put the extra "tab" under the first string since I tend to curl my little finger under the string when I play. If anyone is interested I would be happy to make one up, I have the router template hanging on my shop wall.
  19. What you are doing is just fine as long as you keep an eye on the humidity level. That works fine for one guitar but when you have multiple guitars it is easier to maintain room humidifier or better yet a whole house humidifier. Things to consider: -Case humidifiers need to be checked regularly and can dry out faster the more you open the case. -Room humidifiers work very well and you will have to fill it every day or every other day. -Whole house humidifiers need to be filled once a week or so. -Furnace humidifier needs very little maintenance except filter changes 2 or 3
  20. As far as brand it is hard to tell. A picture of the headstock may help but without any identifying numbers or markings it would come down to looking at pictures on the net to try and find one that looks exactly the same. I would say you paid more than it is worth looking at that neck. The heel is pulled away from the body so it is in desperate need of a neck reset. Just that alone would cost you between $200 and $300 if you had a repair shop do it so making money on it is probably just wishful thinking. That doesn't mean it isn't worth trying to fix it up just to m
  21. As far as brand it is hard to tell. A picture of the headstock may help but without any identifying numbers or markings it would come down to looking at pictures on the net to try and find one that looks exactly the same. I would say you paid more than it is worth looking at that neck. The heel is pulled away from the body so it is in desperate need of a neck reset and the heel is cracked so there is a lot of serious issues. Just the neck reset alone would cost you between $200 and $300 if you had a repair shop do it so making money on it is probably just wishful thinking.
  22. I have to agree with that. Nothing I like better than to find an old broken guitar and bring it back to life. Inside every one I have done I write the note "A New Life" @zombywoof, It is hard to find a good repair guy that can spray a finish like that. You should make sure he has business and refer people to him, you want this guy around for a long time. Nice looking guitar!
  23. That is correct MP, no one can sing like me... or lets hope no one tries. And I pray I don't start sounding like Celine Dion
  24. Sal, I wish my voice was as "challenged" as yours... I like to think I can sing, but the reality hit me many years ago that I have a mediocre voice at best. Back in the 60's and I played in a number of bands and a couple of those I was the main singer (only because the other guys couldn't sing at all). In the 70's I realized that my voice was only good for backups and harmonies. I still meddle around trying but every time I have recorded myself It reminds me that I really shouldn't be... Bob
  25. Nice job Sal. Something about your voice reminds me of Roger Watters from Pink Floyd. You should give a listen to some of his work. (Floyd is my all time favorite band). Here is one he did with Eric Clapton. (Martin Alert!!!)
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