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    show your sg

    this is what it looked like when I got it.
  2. Kleinroq

    show your sg

    Took a chance on a stripped 2013 60's Tribute from Stratosphere. Added aged hardware, Locking Grovers, SD Antiquity Pickups, custom made batwing pickguard from Precision Guitar in Phoenix, AZ, SG wiring harness from Stew Mac, truss rod cover and switch ring from Hell Guitar Parts in Japan: http://www.hellparts.com/ Very happy so far!
  3. My plastic saddle was broken when I bought it and I originally tried hard to find a replacement. After failing in my search I had no choice but to do the replacement/repair. But, it really made a huge difference - the guitar came alive. I maintained the adjustable screws and bone saddle with the new bridge. I have the adjustable bridge on a '58 LG2 and it sings as well. I just like the chunky bone saddle. To my ear it creates a bright/defined sound that cuts through well in a mix (and living room).
  4. I love the CW. I have one from 1962 that I purchased from Gruhn. That's the year they first made the square-shoulder: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibson_Country_%26_Western I also switched out the plastic adjustable bridge for a wood one. I chose to go with Ebony as that matched the original black plastic. These guitars are incredible. Lots of mid-range, record great and have a ton of songs waiting to be found inside of them. May it bring you many years of enjoyment.
  5. This '62 C&W. The temptress on the left. http://www.designoven.com/IMG_3673.jpg
  6. I bought two instruments from him. Best wishes!
  7. There is a ton of bass now and there was before as well. If anything I liked it a bit more before it broke.
  8. Good eye! It broke. I tried to find a replacement because this C&W sounded amazing with it when I bought it. It is by far the best acoustic I own. It has a wide spectrum with a dynamic midrange that is great for recording. I could not find any plastic bridge parts out there. I tried. I replaced it with an ebony bridge glued down but retained the adjustable porcelain saddle. I like them. They sparkle. My LG2 has one and it sings as well...
  9. Painful! My Strat for the electric and MAYBE one of these in the photo?
  10. I have a '58 LG-2 with the adj bridge and ceramic saddle. There's no "tone suck" - actually it has an incredibly wide mid-range and plays great. I love it just as it is. It's one of those guitars that seems to have a wealth of original songs in it and if you're lucky it'll give one to you.
  11. I own a '62 CW. $3500 is retail in original clean condition in my opinion. Which means you could sell it for $2500 - $3000. Just a note: These guitars are great but polarizing for Gibson collectors because of the plastic bridge and ceramic saddle (the black part that is around where the strings go into the body and the white strip under the strings). These were not received well at the time and have aged horribly. Replacement parts do not exist - trust me I have tried to find them. I actually like the way they sound - not with the wood saddle option however. Either way, this is a highly collectible guitar for the right buyer. If your Pop enjoyed his C&W half as much as I do he was a very happy man. Best of luck and sorry for your loss.
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