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  1. '76 LP Recording in arctic white. This one replaced my original that I bought new.
  2. Awesome LP Specials! I got gas for a slab top LP and saw this one at GC a couple of weeks ago. It's a 2011 and was on sale, so......Anyway, it sounds great as is, but I found a pair of 1956 LP Soapbar P-90's as well as a new replacement 56 wiring harness so I'm going to drop them in and see what happens! Looking forward to being blown away......Hope I'm not disappointed! Thanks for starting this topic.
  3. It is very interesting! My 1920 F2 pickguard is also in perfect condition. Out-gassing of polymeric materials is what occurs when the plasticizers migrate from the material to the atmosphere. The most common example is the residue that forms on your windshield due to out gassing of your vinyl dashboard. Plasticizers are what give the material flexibility and over time as they migrate from the material it becomes brittle and cracks and otherwise deteriorates. These cracks will form first at locations of higher internal stress like bends, folds, or glue joints. There's one ingredient that tends to encourage and accelerate this process which us UV light like that which comes with sunshine. IMHO, instruments like ours that are in very good original condition tend to have spent most of their lives in their cases and most likely we're not exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Another factor is the consistency with which the plastics were produced in the first place. Sorry for this prolonged "outgassing"!
  4. Thanks for the tip! Any suggestion on who can supply? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I just bought this 1919 Gibson L-3 and I am in need of an original (preferred) pickguard. I have the mounting clamps but need the guard. Anyone have one they would part with? Any and all leads are appreciated! Thanks!!
  6. My apologies... After closer examination, the L5-S in the picture does have a stamped serial. Perhaps mine wasn't stamped very well...
  7. Hey... Thanks for all of the interest, comments and compliments. The volute picture answers my question. Many thanks... Another thing I noticed is there is no serial number on the back of the headstock... Mine doesn't have one either, although there seems to be a faint hint of something back there but I thought Gibson used the decal system for serial numbers in the mid 70's...
  8. Anyone out there have an L5-S? Just bought mine and would love to see any others that live out there!! Post your pic's...
  9. I look at a genuinely autographed guitar (not just a mass signed pickguard added to a guitar) as a "bonus" added to a great guitar that personalizes it and gives it a story and a "connection" between something you admire and enjoy (the guitar) and someone you admire and whose artistic work you enjoy.
  10. I am fortunate to have currently: 1958 ES225 1975/6 L5-S Have had many over the years and hope to have many more!
  11. Awesome score on your part! I have a 58TD and I love it. Very comfortable and fast neck....especially with 010 flat wounds! The P90's are sweet and crackly through my Marshall JTM30's clean channel...It has a 60's bigsby and Grovers on it, but my plan is to get it back to original as well...
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