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  1. I know the Douglas isn't a gibson, but I'm wondering if the Douglas Shadow pro is better than the epiphone special 2 custom shop. The douglas shadow is cheaper but it is made of alder and most likely low end pickups. http://www.rondomusic.com/shadowgold.html I already ordered the special 2 limited edition red but am thinking of canceling it considering a very real looking les paul is even cheaper. Would it be worth it? Do douglas guitars break down after a year?
  2. Does anyone know which store has the epiphone special 2 in white available? I know musicians friend has it but I need it in a walk in store
  3. I really need help deciding which guitar is better? The epiphone special I with dual P-90 pickups and a worn black finish. Or the Epiphone LP Junior "Custom shop", which I already have. It has a single humbucker pickup. I want it as an overall good guitar and who knows I might play on stage one day with it. So which guitar is a better bang for the buck? Both 99$ btw. I already have the jr in white and I can't decide if the special I p90 will be any better.
  4. just got an alpine white junior and got everything nicely packed and the manuals were in a large ziploc sort of thing and cord package in the cardboard.
  5. I first went with my parents to get the cherry red, and for some reason I wasn't feeling satisfied or even excited to start playing it. The guy at the store had showed me the guitar out of the packaging to make sure it was the right color and thats when I started having second thoughts. When I opened it at home I immediately knew I couldn't take the cherry color. It was too dark of a red and the transparency which made the grain of wood visible made the guitar look like a vintage guitar, and I wanted a more modern rock/ solid color guitar. I ended up exchanging it for the white and it is sooooo much better looking in my opinion. The white makes the hardware stand out and just has a more les paul look to it. The red is too dark and makes it look sort of cheap. I am so much more satisfied with the white than the red.
  6. Which color of the epiphone les paul jr should I get? White Cherry Red
  7. yea I dont have that much of a budget as I just returned to playing guitar since i was little so I don't need anything about a 150$ guitar
  8. thats the thing they have specials avaialble in the colors I like but I heard the junior is better than the special II. Also the special ii doesn't have a pickguard which I would love on my guitar
  9. Does anyone know if Epiphone discontinued the epi les paul jrs in the blue, red, and white colors: Can anyone confirm if they are discontinued? They were being sold a few months ago for like 99$ to 129$ just like the vintage snbrst and blk thats available now. Where can I buy one of these either in person or online? I looked everywhere on google shopping, guitar center, amazon, ebay, and none of them were available. I'm talking about the 99-129$ "custom shop" ones not the 57 reissue or the ones above $200+. I mean these guitars were most likely mass produced there should be many still somewhere? Could I possibly find this new or used at a local guitar center? I currently have a vintage sunburst les paul jr and I dislike the color and want to sell it or trade it to get a white, red, or blue one. I really, really want to get the junior in either white or red, OR TV yellow if that is around the same price.. Thanks
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