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  1. Elitist LP's were made to very high standard in Japan using Gibson USA pickups. Maybe the best ever Epi LPs?
  2. John Paul Jones would appreciate that I'm sure.
  3. In the past, much of the $$ goes to the family or business that licences JH name....maybe same here? If so Gibson's take might be way less. Seems odd to see the V how they were in the early days - so used to seeing in Korina or black 'metal' style nowadays.
  4. Marshall plexi's - vintage originals - lots of them, no effects. google 'Rig Rundown Angus Young ' and enjoy the video.
  5. He says the suit pulls him in every time - says he goes from being a quiet little tramp having a cup of tea and a smoke to being a full out rock machine when he puts it on! I like the new album - probably more than I have any since Flick of the Switch - which it reminds me of. It rocks out more (ironically) than Rock or Bust, and is consistent right through. Through the Mist of Time, Demon Fire, System Down and Witches Spell I particularly liked straight away...and some cool blues riffs and licks among others. A very solid effort from the old blokes!
  6. I think Mr Dyche is rocking a Hayman with the cr@p modified out of it.
  7. I think they were called something different (?) and were better. The closest I ever came to buying a Les Paul was one of those from early-mid 90's on eBay. I should have done it. The thing had been well used and abused by a semi pro, but it was just how I pictured a Les Paul I'd have as a live gig player guitar. Still wish I'd bought the thing....
  8. Probably makes sense...if you start each year owing tens of million in interest you can't expect to cover it by raising prices in a world of cost-out online competitors. Hopefully the manufacturers (including our hosts) think about what that will mean for their volume demand and adjust their materials and production plans so as not to be left with a pile of 2021 models to clear for years ahead.
  9. The most dodgy tax we have in Oz is Land Tax (state level)...basically if you have land over a certain value you pay tax each year....so you neither buy nor sell anything but are taxed anyway without consuming or receiving income. Total rort!
  10. Interesting. Here it's only on investments, not you place of residence. Rationale is that investments are a business and its treated as realised income from that business in the year you sell and CGT is actually income tax for that year - albeit with bix tax reductions if you've held the investment more than 12 months. If you have capital losses they can offset the gains. i believe you (in US) can deduct home loan interest payments against income tax though (we cannot for our homes, but can for investments - we get no tax breaks relating to our homes) so maybe that's part of the trade offs?
  11. You guys in the US don't pay capital gains tax on your home do you?
  12. I know...my neighbour broke my lawnmower last weekend. Sucks like a bank!
  13. I don't belive money you put in the bank is YOUR money actually....as I understand it you are actually giving it to them as an unsecured loan for which they pay you interest. you hope they honour their commitment to pay you interest and return your loaned principal to you on demand or at an agreed date. If they go under your hopes are dashed (unless the govt steps in with loan guarantees for depositors). Also, the money they loan others at 15% is not your money either, it's pulled out of thin air...a privilege of banks alone.
  14. The retained American citizen workers at GM and Chrysler and their families, and the those of their mass of supplier companies, dealers etc benefitted no?
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