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  1. If I ever own one, it would be the keeper! ... I find their guitars kind of weird, that flat backed neck, the lacquered board. But the bass would be for life
  2. No,.... hang about.... wait up,.....whoa,....wtf man,.....whadayamean: 'for a while'?
  3. C'mon Pip, I realise we are both Scottish (you even by plan), but a thats $250 any old day.
  4. I reckon Juniors are awesome. Congrats and welcome mate.
  5. 'Scales


    Nice one Brad - it always seemed a good place to find some quality gear.
  6. Kick its a$$ Dave. My favourite Metallica guy after Cliff. PS Tekboy I love that you are 69 and still rockin on here!
  7. I dunno...say Epi's machines stamp out a bunch of $99 plywood 'Les Paul tribute 100 junior custom specials' at the factory in Outer Mongolia whilst a master luthier builds a sympathetic Goldtop that Les himself would shed a tear over...a corporate takeover derived peesa gets the stamp of approval but not the artisan's masterpiece. The shape is iconic in the guitar world and there are already gazillions of non-Gibson versions in existence (some exceptional). Maybe they should focus on people not being able to use 'Gibson Les Paul' and leave it at that.
  8. Well down here the fact you are American makes you a Yankee irrespective of what part of it you come from...funny old world
  9. You're from America, so everyone down here thinks your a Yankeee, no matter which bit you were born in. Funny old world
  10. Good stuff Pinch - touring with mates would be awesome! ...Well we went ok, fully mic kit and our 3 half stacks into a massive PA was cranking, and then it had a drama 3 songs in which dented our momentum and mojo a bit, but we got back into it and rocked the crowd at least. Been asked to play on a very cool and fun pre Xmas gig with loads of great local bands which I've been to a few times and always thought it would be great to play so that's going to be exciting to look forward to!
  11. Man, in the recent USAtoday rankings of best to worst states (with 1 being best) Virginia was 7th and West Virginia 47th! You must be on the right side of the line. havent heard much from Sparky recently, but according to the rankings he might be busy begging or being shot at or somesuch....
  12. Cheers, appreciated!
  13. Ok, but again, how do you know if you are in a conversation (and should therefore stay on that page so you can reply) or if you are just posting out into the void
  14. When you post, how can you see if anyone is responding to it - I.e that you are involved in a conversation? (used to see their name in italics below the post - noting that I am on iPad so not sure if it's ok on desktop)
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