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  1. DR Feelgood ...not a long drive from London!
  2. The primary reason I came to love the electric guitar, let alone ever picked one up died a couple of years back. Pip, save me a space out there.
  3. Hmmm...to my ears the plastic components sound somewhat molecularly incorrect., and there's something else that bothers....wait a minute - I'm not sure I'm hearing vintage spec hide glue either!!
  4. Yep, I'm pretty much done with the Gibson Forum. I suspect it's just that you get bored with such things after a while, but it feels like it's been dying a slow and steady death and the people I found interesting have all but gone or rarely post. I must be down 80%+ on posting versus a few years ago. The new format just sped up the death rattles...some say they like it but many many people just stopped around that time without fanfare which speaks volumes. No hard feelings but, it was a great place to hang out back when!
  5. When I first saw the title, I wondered if Big Bill had posted a reply yet!
  6. Screw principles, there's fees to be had! (assuming anyone actually buys an Ecopak or whatever it is of course...)
  7. My old Epiphone has a mini humbucker and it's a high output pickup that cuts through well if other guitarist uses either single coil or (full size) humbucker. They are well worth checking out as an option IMO.
  8. Your Government is way cooler than mine!
  9. Bravo Lars! A thing needs fixing and instead of jumping to 'recourse' and compensation and the like, you suggest ways of fixing it. Kudos sir!
  10. I live in Australia in a climate not probly too far removed from southern US and have travelled to London many of the past 10-15 years for work and pleasure, often in November. Now November can be reasonably nice but if the wind gets up its bone-chilling cold. January would be a whole new level of pain. It's only going to be practical to be out between 0930 and 1500 and many tourist sites will not be open at all (so look them up for starters) . Having said that I still remember going to see the Victory when I was a kid and I love London....just consider waiting til it thaws out in April and that Pip has lived there many years so is use to winters (and may dissolve his Metamucil in scotch on certain days of the week). Great city but, eh mate!
  11. Awesome that you are all out buying them - keep it up and the economy strong boys!
  12. Ah, happy skinny-teenage-fumbling-groping-backseat-summer-drive-in memories. ...thanks for the soundtrack man!
  13. My grandfather survived that one, and therefore got to see my uncle born. Nine months later over Hamburg, he did not.
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