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  1. hi Unc - sorry I missed your question before but it was actually ok with seating - they put some tables together running away from the stage and various other places to sit around the room and people basically just rocked away where they sat - not too different from most originals gigs where they tend to stand there and do much the same. Set list was the usual style - medium start, build it up, bring it down a touch, build it right up to a peak at the end... anyhoo - here's a bit of the show if interested (trying out a new song)... https://www.instagram.com/p/CL0CFh2pXUj/
  2. well, frankly it was a pleasure just to get back out and play - a few sound/tech issues to start, couldn't really hear anything much on stage...the usual cr@p... but it went down well with the crowd so that's the main thing and we raised some cash on the door for charity. I believe dancing and mingling in pubs is back any day now so normality is returning. A few venues round here are having live music again - could yet be a a few gigs this year if we want!
  3. No, I'd suggest Lars' drumming is maybe his strongest attribute. I guess lots of bands have that '3 album peak' where they can do no wrong - Powerage to Back in Black - Beggars Banquet to Sticky Fingers - .... Metallica just did it with their first 3 albums and it was then a pretty steady path they trod through to St Anger, Lulu and such.
  4. sadly, my 3 favourite members of Metallica are Dave, Cliff and Jason. The first 3 albums were cool, and I actually didn't mind Load as something different ...it didn't need to be done twice though.
  5. 24 hours from now - (so that's Saturday morning in UK and ...? sometime last week in the US..?) - we'll be back on stage in a sweaty rock pub...actually the same pub we were last on stage in 14 months ago. 12 songs, 45 minutes - usual strategy for me: slam down a beer, grab another, stride on stage and hope for the best! We are in the middle of 3 bands which is great cos the sound should be sorted out and we can sleaze out quietly just before tear down time - just taking our amp heads and guitars and mics the rest is sorted. It will be a bit weird (even more than usual) as crowd wi
  6. The Wizard of Walthamstow is back in action!!!
  7. I was just wondering....Have they had any issues with the name Tonemaster given the Magnatone amps of the same name?
  8. Very awesome job Dub - now, all you have to do is relic the crap out of it and market it as a faithful copy of a Junior home build by a dude back in 1959 getting instruction, advice and encouragement from people he never met via some weird pen pal system. Henry J would love the concept!
  9. My brother in law just got one and loves it. I went to a music shop to see if I could lift one with one finger - yup. I just smiled knowingly at the assistant. I thought it didn't have a drive/lead channel but it might've called something else?
  10. G'day Dave - I'm an Aussie but was born in Edinburgh and love Scotland and hope to see it again for the first time in a while after the pandemic gets better. Welcome. -check out the Gibson lounge and Epiphone lounge.
  11. Interesting guitars - enjoy! i must have been about 9 or 10 when they toured Australia for I think the unmasked album. The songs off Dynasty were on the radio and it was Kiss mania in Oz! One of my earliest memories of being aware of a major rock act and their songs, just after AC/DC I guess. They were surely the biggest act around in about 1980. I liked the Alive album a lot but wasn't into the other albums, a bit softer and less edgy than my tastes at the time but credit to them for taking the world.
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