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  1. Ah nuts, I thought it would be to make you sound like the late great Gehrry Mooer.
  2. 'Scales


    Ozzy and Black Sabbath had problem with the doogooders over Paranoid with 'I urge you to enjoy life...' being ***-backward interpreted as ' I urge you to end your life, I wish I could but it's to late'.
  3. According to the blurb here (in Oz): A true blast from the past…with all new parts and that classic look! The Music Man 112RD 50w Guitar Amplifier Combo is a faithful recreation of the hugely popular version from the golden era of amp design. It has been 30 years since they were last produced but the Music Man still looks good and with the new Neoclassic 1x12 speaker on board, it sounds even better. Crafted in Italy by leading designers, it features two solid-state channels each with independent volume, treble and bass controls, plus a single ECC83 tube and gain controls on Ch2, spring reverb and 2 6L6 / 50W tubes. The classic Music Man is back...and it is bringing back the bite! Channels: Two Preamp Ch1 (Clean): Solid State Preamp Ch2 (Limiter): 1 x ECC 83 (Gain) + Solid State Power Output: 50W Power Tubes: 2 x 6L6 Controls Ch1: Normal/Bright - Volume - Treble - Bass Controls Ch2: Volume - Treble - Bass - Gain Reverb: Spring (common) Speaker Size: 1x12” DV Mark NEOCLASSIC Speaker Impedance / Power Handling: 8 ohm | 150W Footswitch input for channels switch and rev Voltage selector 120V/240V Dimensions (W/H/D): 45.6cm x 52cm x 25.4cm Weight: 11.9 Kg
  4. Thanks G Mac and Pip, I think it would be worth a look/listen. My sound is more of an ugly 'strident' spiky thing which seems to offset lead players well for that music - much of which is a bit less heavy than that particular video, I actually don't use much gain (lesser of the 2 gain channels set to 2) but have a Dimarzio ceramic beast of a humbucker stuck in the bridge position which gives a lot of drive. I noticed the MM says they now use a quality modern light weight speaker and the whole amp is less than 12kg - I like the sound of that if it still works as it should! Cool video too G Mac - fun stuff.
  5. That's interesting insight G Mac - I've got a birthday coming up and have never had a 'good' amp - though at my level I've been happy enough with my early 90's US made Fender soldid state Priceton 112s and my cheapo HiWatt 200w SS head into Kuston quad for gigs, ....but, you only live once and a rare treat of a tube or hybrid amp to see out my days would be cool. I will check out the MM RD 112. The band plays alternate/pub rock with an overdriven sound https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=i4Kn9mV6eMM so I'd be keen to have a decent mid gain channel for that stuff. Tell me please, does the reverb work on clean on these? - it is grouped with the gain knobs, but I'd like a Fender style clean with spring- reverb option. Thanks All - what would be other good options along those lines?
  6. That's over near Watford...an hour away. very impressive it is too.
  7. Awesome guitar Chris!....and hey, that extra space in the left side of your pants will probably be welcomed in the heat of summer. rock on!
  8. Mind you, the execs must have been excited by the uplift in forum traffic for a while.
  9. Sure, but the 2017 range included such products as the M2 and Firebird Zero. Those were not branded Epiphone. What devalues the brand more? i stand corrected if this was actually done by Gibson to smarten up the accounts, desperation I guess. Hope they didn't fire up the steam shovel back in 61 when they ditched the unpopular Les Paul shape and went to the SG
  10. Billy's guitar tone is wicked and unique, and Dusty's is even more unique and Ol Frank keeps time with the very best of 'em. Legends!
  11. That couldn't have been done by Gibson surely. No musical instrument company would be that soulless to its product or its workers. They'd have had the smarts to have given one away with every LP Custom or something even if it was partly in fun, or at least given them to staff. maybe someone bought them all as a job-lot to indulge their sense of 'humour' on video? Pretty sad, but I guess if they paid for em...
  12. Seedy, Nightfall, Burn, Ear Bleedin' Country and Malcolm - a batch of new originals we are cooking up. I'm confident a couple of these will emerge as keepers at least
  13. they all sound like they'd be great and should be able to be set up nicely how you want them, ...so if it was me I'd just choose the one I thought looked coolest.
  14. ...even when you have the flu and can't sing for sh!t...
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