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  1. More people, more breadth of topics I guess. I'd say there were probably 100+ strong regular contributors across the Gibson and Epiphone lounge five years ago, now the Epi lounge is just a few oldsters quietly chatting about life mainly and the Gibison lounge isn't that much either (topics either don't take hold or don't attract broad interest...and there's not much new stuff so they hang around on the first page a while) - out of interest I just looked at the forums list page and the Gibson USA forum (flagship forum for Gibson electrics) still has the most recent post as one of mine from two days ago. That says something about the interest levels. this 'updated' platform has some major flaws - the biggest for me is that you can no longer see if you are in a conversation - ie that people are replying to and/or watching the thread you are posting in. When combined with latency issues in posts it kills the interactive aspects, it's more a case of post and come back later to see if any reply nowadays....I suspect this has driven far more away than the odd troll - we always had them and it was quite fun when you could actually engage in conversation rather than 'dump and run' under the new platform. ....for me anyway.
  2. - hey, you were a handsome chap when you had the hair sparky. Sharp dresser too!
  3. Mate, to be fair this place has gone downhill so far in the past 4 years I'd probably rather look at the old stuff too! (The change in the format of the forum to an inferior product has only exacerbated the situation). Funny you should raise this as I was thinking about exhuming an old thread from the past each week to amuse myself and possibly others...but what you are referring to is not down to me, maybe others had the same thought?
  4. Sorry that you had to sell the John Deeere Mark, they rock. And I have one of those Klamazoo Epiphones and they also rock too.
  5. Sorry for your troubles, no easy answers it seems but some great advice from all. when my old man died last year I had realised he had early signs and was relieved for him that he didn't need to go any further down that path (and given the bushfires and Covid pandemic since then, even more relieved) but in selling up the property and moving mum into a retirement village (at age 81 years old) I learned something that may be useful....some retirement villages also have assisted living/nursing home/call it what you will facilities within the same complex, as is the case for mum....and when you cannot manage in your villa or apartment unit you can move into the full care facility without the paperwork and waiting lists...your financials just shift with you. If and when she ever needs to go there, it's straightforward. i mention that because as well as making life easier for you as Carer and power of financial attorney, it's easier for the mum/dad they are still in relatively familiar surroundings among other residents and staff who know and can easily visit them and maintain some consistency.
  6. I forecast fun times ahead for you with that little beauty!
  7. 'Scales


    Lovely guitar jdgm - you have shown some beauties over the years...that black ES...oh man! i joined to ask if anyone knew what my 69 Epi was as the only one I'd seen like it was on the Internet for sale in New York City....I later figured out it was my exact guitar and that the ad was 10 years old, during which someone shipped it to Oz ...I was very naive and the people here were cool about it. Yeah, 2013-16 were great here I thought, seemed like NGDs every day plus people building amps, guitars, pedals and whatnot ....a great place to learn stuff and share thoughts about bands, albums and concerts. Good days generally!
  8. Hi Robert, try posting your question in the Gibson USA section of the forum and you'll probably get some responses.
  9. more importantly, you sound like a great son and I'm sure he will be proud of you for being so thoughtful!
  10. I happily believe Marwood and Withnail were on holiday by mistake on my birthday.
  11. my guitar still has the faded and worn away remnants of the Dean Markley and D'addario stickers on the back that were there when I got it 30 years ago and I was too lazy to bother to remove. My practice amp still has the sticker for US punk band Ten Foot Pole on it - like a corporate logo with mailing address so I assume it once belonged to them...again, too lazy to remove.
  12. I enjoyed your video and great to hear it has worked out well! on the 2015's (which I have tried) I decided: Didn't like: 1. the logo (if I buy a LP it will be just one and I couldn't live with that), 2: neck width (just not for my I'm afraid) Liked: great build and finish (weight relieve too if it applied) Unsure: 1. GForce - would it be accurate and would it keep working and what if it didn't, 2. the nut - would it have probems Didn't really care either way: the other changes that I recall (guard, bridge, electronics...) cheers.
  13. Hi Scott, I remember you getting the 2015 back then - interested to know how the GForce has held up - does it still do what it is supposed to with no trouble 5 years on? (Like any new tech that would have been part of the concern back then) ps sorry mate , I have no ideas re the stand issue.
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