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  1. Thanks Rabs - those 2 LPs in the video look great - lovely wood and bursts. I like that they are rolling the edges of the boards, that will help give them a nice feel when played in a shop and many won't even realise why. The Epi's look like they are closing the gap!
  2. 9. Recognise many of your audience are probably what you call 'wage slaves' and may not care to hear how successful you think you are.
  3. I thought it was pretty strong, as you'd expect from those guys. Drums are amazing - if there's a better drummer than Danny they must be something! i actually think all their albums are quite different to each other, but Lateralus is the standout for me, and it's title track is possibly my favourite song by any band ever (it's right up there at any rate)...and I'm in no way a massive Tool devotee.
  4. Notably Phillip, Philip, Ron and Joel have given me cause to smile and think over the years and many others (current and departed) have contributed enjoyable content. It's a shadow of its c2014 self, but still worth a visit here and there!
  5. Stay safe Dig. Looks like it's just about preserving life today. The big life-changing decisions so many will need to make are going to have to wait quite a while into the coming months, so meantime that's all you can do...keep safe.
  6. True that Dig. Ours (Mount Nardi Fire) apparently was a reignition of a fire from back in September thought to be out but it keeps smouldering in roots underground and in ancient logs until you get a windy enough day. Ffs - As I typed that the big helicopter with the water bucket just flew overhead - must be on again round here somewhere. Can't see any fires out the back but it has been quite windy today - hopefully just a flare up. hope your place is ok - I've stopped watching the news but I understand it's really bad down there mate.
  7. Hey Dig, I happened by and saw this. Sorry for your troubles at the moment mate - we went through it for basically the whole of November. Never seen it so dry, then it went up when an old fire reignighted up in the hills. Many places like yours with homes protected by locals and fire brigade but out buildings lost. We have communes everywhere up in the bush so it's a great credit to all who saved the dwellings up the creeks. We evacuated voluntarily for a few days when it was like a warzone here. Women and kids pretty much all left the village for a week or two, no school etc. very eerie time. We got nice rain on Xmas eve and now everything is green again, but we'll be wanting follow up rain soon. hope your life gets back to normal soon as mate.
  8. Maybe play 4-6 gigs rather than 1-2. Meeting a few more local bands now that we can hook up with so it could happen but we are around 50 yo now and it's a hobby so if we do that we tend not to write more than one new song that's gig ready in a year, but hey we have a set so.... maybe sell the 2 old guitars (I really only need 1) and various pedals and stuff I've accumulated which is now little more than clutter. I guess I'm for keeping it simple !
  9. Second gig for the year (about the normal rate then) on Saturday at pub rock venue in local city. Old school dark smallish room with proper cramped stage full of gear, the old style coloured lights/heaters hung above us, and it's about 100F/35C temperature in the room and the aircon's dead. People are taking up smoking just for an excuse to duck out to the cooler night air it seems. A proper originals rock gig ....sweating alt rock oriented crowd, door b!tches on duty and merch table of goodies. We are middle of the 3 bands for an hour set and the PA is feckin superb, with sound guy working a massive desk...can tell from the opening act we will sound the best we possibly can. All good on stage except for copious sweat meaning hard to hold pick and fear of electric shocks from mics. We aren't perfect - never are, it's live rock after all, but more than adequate, well received, and heaps of fun! Final band is awesome - total pros, so good to ease back over a beer or two and take in their rocking set. Home around midnight. Sweet deal. Rock n roll!
  10. DR Feelgood ...not a long drive from London!
  11. The primary reason I came to love the electric guitar, let alone ever picked one up died a couple of years back. Pip, save me a space out there.
  12. Hmmm...to my ears the plastic components sound somewhat molecularly incorrect., and there's something else that bothers....wait a minute - I'm not sure I'm hearing vintage spec hide glue either!!
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