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  1. This was on the radio a lot...check it out Sparky:
  2. Our drummer went to see Queen last year and reckoned it was a great show - and definitely not a case of 'roll out the oldies and let them play acoustic guitars in front of an orchestra and band' type nostalgia thing - it was a full on stadium gig. I was too young for the Monkees but vaguely remember reruns on TV around 1980. I didn't know their songs but the covers band I was in a few years ago used to often open with a pumped up version of Stepping Stone.
  3. ...revealing their sexual orientation after a long period of anticipation.
  4. A lot of smartest people looking for a room. ...looks like we're gonna need a bigger room.
  5. Fair enough. Anyhoo its 10:30pm here and I have a busy day tomorrow. G'night all.
  6. Chris - generally I agree - though i actually think the experts would indeed know the answer to both questions as it would be basic science and part of the design of the vaccine - I hope it does stop you catching and spreading, but I'm not sure that's true. You'd think these things would be made crystal clear to the public but at the moment that might not be the messaging desired. We actually have a bizarre reverse consideration here in Oz - my wife is eligible for early vaccine (we are way behind you guys) as she cares for a disabled child, but since we have no Covid here at the moment
  7. I've asked before, but I still don't know the answers - but I had read: 1. The vaccine largely protects you from dying, not from catching it or infecting others. It only helps you. 2. It may only last 6 months - its not a 'once and yer good for life' thing like the polio shot. Chris - do you know if that's right or wrong? (I'm not knocking anyone for getting or not getting the shot - I just don't know what the truth is on those points).
  8. you don't have to recall it because wasn't put to you specifically - just a general 'you' meaning 'all of us' as money had been mentioned by folks in posts - ya know like we all talk about 'they'. As for being a tool (?) - I dunno, never met him. maybe he's really short in real life for all I know. Who cares, he seems harmless enough... for a demon.
  9. Bass players might be more astute than you'd think - McCartney, Sting, Gene, Waters, dude from U2 - all right up their among the wealthiest rockers of all time. They all pay more tax, and likely give more to charity, than any of us here too, so good luck to 'em.
  10. there are 3 Stones albums I like - and I'd happily listen to then anytime - Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers. Sticky fingers is probably the best of the lot. I don't particularly care for any other Stones albums though...weird that. My favourite song is Sway. That outro solo, the phrasing, Mick Taylor was a good un (probably still is)! Mick screaming hey, hey now!!... with as much passion as you'd ever get from him. A rock masterpiece (and no Keith!)
  11. Cool - then I could butcher Stairway more authentically!
  12. you didn't understand it but it was predictable? Dave's Dave and Dave's OK.
  13. I think I have a copy of Bat Out of Hell somewhere - maybe on cassette. Not something that interests me now, but back in the teens when the hormones were awake I enjoyed it. Cheers Jim!
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