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  1. Two gigs and probably four or five rehearsals in the first half of the year for us here in Oz. First rehearsal for the second half next weekend (lockdowns permitting). I've been busy so not really complaining but it would be nice to play out again before too much longer. Hope the UK crew here also get some action shortly.
  2. Gigs = Boss TU2 Tuner Rehearsals = nothing ...guess I'm doing it all wrong
  3. I liked it pretty good - the southern rock intro was unexpected but actually very cool
  4. Ver nice. why is it that Fender's look so right with bolt on necks and Gibson's look so wrong (and vice versa)
  5. Awesome awesome band Pip. and on the subject of perfection in rock vocalists (which Paul Rodgers certainly was)...
  6. I have an old one ('61). I don't really make any melodies on it. Probably should move it on (My photos seem to want to rotate to right for some reason...)
  7. Hey Joel - I'm guessing you are around 55 so with a bit of luck you might have 300 decent months left in you. At least 100 of them you'll be asleep, brushing teeth, shaving, sitting on the can... so that's really 200 waking months left....and months seem to pass really quickly these days...so the idea of not spending a lot of time typing stuff to sort of, kind of, interact with people you don't know sounds like a pretty sweet move to me. Good for you and all the best mate!
  8. It had already jumped the shark, but unfortunately the 'upgrade' from the blue site to the current white site where you could no longer see if you were in a conversation (often with several people!) really snuffed out most of whatever life was left. A new thread had to be good to stay on page one for a day back around 2014-15, but now stuff hangs around in the absence of anything else for maybe a week. So be it - all good things come to an end eventually...and it was good, even the Epi lounge was quite lively at one time - I personally can say I learned a lot back then and enjoyed the d
  9. Very Nice Dub! 30+ years and the affair is still going strong here!
  10. Good for you Rabs - always nice to see people following their heart and doing work they enjoy and that provides enjoyment for others!
  11. I had 2 flights planned for today but I cancelled due to some Covid impacts - for once I'll say "thankyou Covid. (now p!ss off!)"
  12. or get a Chinasaw version for yer Chibsons.
  13. 'Scales


    I am forever checking for signs that I might be becoming a hypochondriac.
  14. whilst I contest that our home made bourbon is the best, my son left me some Double Oak Beam - tasty but potent!
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