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  1. The smartest person in the room?... to misquote Jaws - "looks like we're gonna need a bigger room"
  2. looks like a fun night out Philip - glad you braved the traffic (I would have too!)
  3. A Jazzmaster without the wacky pickup controls no one uses? that's different. And quite nice looking. Enjoy.
  4. sad to hear that - he had many positive contributions and advice for others.
  5. 'Scales


    very nice! 5. Boxy Lady
  6. He was in a mainly covers band called the Party Boys (yeah, I know...) here in Oz and I saw them a couple of times in the late 80's including opening for AC/DC. I'm sure he would have had a lot of fun times over the years, so, well played Alan.
  7. The batwing looks cool, but I gotta say its a really long headstock... and coupled with the deep headstock angle .... and (at least for the late 60's) the narrowest ever nut across the neck.... and that it tends to sit well out to the neck side of your body when paying given the body shape and strap button position.... you need to be really careful to avoid bumping it on anything cos it would snap so easily!
  8. I have a 1969 Epi in the Coronet shape but with an original 60's Epi mini humbucker. Great pickup if you ever want to swap one in for a P90. Awesome clear cut through compared to full HB but still n o hum. These are different to Gibson mini HB's I believe.
  9. Seems you are not alone in such R'n'R dramas jdgm....the similarities here are uncanny!!! (albeit with more of an Australian approach to working through such issues ) (hope it brings you a smile - you are not alone)
  10. I checked a video or two of your band - very much to my taste! great stuff.
  11. R'n'f'n'R!!!! What a bummer, but then seriously - if a pub's going to put on an Oasis tribute band outside in late English summer wtf do they expect? polite clapping? no vomit? I hope there's a mature and professional jazz band somewhere in your near future to rekindle enthusiasm and avoid such unpleasantness.
  12. seems the transformation from "Lifestyle Brand" to Private Equity Firm appears to be nearing completion.
  13. lovely now, do you keep it or sell it to the highest bidder for several times what you paid ?
  14. Congratulations on living one heck of a great life and thanks for sharing your talent Charlie!!
  15. looks and sounds nice...and very seventies vibe to that paintjob
  16. It could well be the same guitar, as you say he tinkered around a lot with 'em and it could easily enough be revised as shown. (hopefully so as it adds to the heritage!). Oh yeah, and then some!! That guitar appeals to me very much (assuming it's playable and structurally OK) regardless whether it belonged to Les or it belonged to you.
  17. Mick Taylor - Sway (outro solo) - the phrasing. the phrasing. Dave Gilmour - Comfortably Numb (second solo - live at Pompeii is best ever) - nod slowly, shed a tear and punch the air all at one. Paul Kossoff - Heartbreaker - a sad and touching parting gift. Jimmy Page - Since I've Been Loving You - immense and evocative ... spring instantly to mind... not bad for starters though!
  18. Gibson should buy it...then probably make 'historically correct' versions and sell them to people who go for such things for $20k. If Henry was still in charge....
  19. yeah - 5 way (maybe why its called the 'V' ??)
  20. nice - I didn't watch the video, but if that would allow someone to play typical electric guitar solos etc in a great acoustic sound (and be a genuine step up from the Strat VG and the like) then I could see why they would do it. there would be people who would buy this if they can afford and justify the cost.
  21. I suspect it might be along the lines of... Grunge was super popular and the youth of the day were buying the 'fashion' and what have you. The music however was angsty and used lots of 'different' chord sequences and in some cases was pretty heavy rock. Personally I loved all that being a young bloke at the time who liked guitar rock... but what of middleclass American kids who like their music more middle of the road? band figures out there a fortune to be made by going with the full on image, bit of angsty sounding vocals, hair, tatts etc...BUT...with the drenched stadium sound using turnaround style predictable chords - hey, instant zillionaire success with loads more radio play that allows the middle of the road folks to 'get' the music but still feel part of the scene. Of course this is anathema to the to the very ethos of the grunge community built on play what you got, don't dress like a rock star, sing about real world stuff...hence the vitriol from the 'real' grunge fans. I could probably only pick maybe 3 or 4 songs as being Nickelback if they came on the radio. However...when I hear there name I think of this one - great example of the abovementioned approach to their 'plan' but the softy/romantic in me dug the video... at 2:54 when he 'gets it'...
  22. I could be wrong (I'm sure all the Nickelback fans will let me know ) but I think the stigma has been about the contrived nature of the approach to the band/image/songs as a money making scheme rather than the ability of the players. If it's true the band certainly nailed it in terms of hit songs and album sales, MTV videos, and stadium show's!
  23. Hope its good! that field always looks good on the baseball being right down town from memory. Here in Oz the GnR gig later this years starts at c$150US for the crap seats...no thanks. I can see its much more reasonable in Detroit though. Have fun!
  24. Good on ya Ron - bet that felt like a blast! Off R Rockers or one of you side projects? good stuff.
  25. 12:30pm at the uber-flash town of Byron Bay - I'll be taking a couple of beers at any rate. Just a bunch of ambition-free middle-aged hackers making our original alternate rock noise...but it would be cool to get a decent recording for posterity. ...all subject to our state government's current enthusiasm for Covid lockdowns so I'll practice a bit through the week but not count on it happening until I'm standing there plugged in.
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