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  1. The most dodgy tax we have in Oz is Land Tax (state level)...basically if you have land over a certain value you pay tax each year....so you neither buy nor sell anything but are taxed anyway without consuming or receiving income. Total rort!
  2. Interesting. Here it's only on investments, not you place of residence. Rationale is that investments are a business and its treated as realised income from that business in the year you sell and CGT is actually income tax for that year - albeit with bix tax reductions if you've held the investment more than 12 months. If you have capital losses they can offset the gains. i believe you (in US) can deduct home loan interest payments against income tax though (we cannot for our homes, but can for investments - we get no tax breaks relating to our homes) so maybe that's part of the trade offs?
  3. You guys in the US don't pay capital gains tax on your home do you?
  4. I know...my neighbour broke my lawnmower last weekend. Sucks like a bank!
  5. I don't belive money you put in the bank is YOUR money actually....as I understand it you are actually giving it to them as an unsecured loan for which they pay you interest. you hope they honour their commitment to pay you interest and return your loaned principal to you on demand or at an agreed date. If they go under your hopes are dashed (unless the govt steps in with loan guarantees for depositors). Also, the money they loan others at 15% is not your money either, it's pulled out of thin air...a privilege of banks alone.
  6. The retained American citizen workers at GM and Chrysler and their families, and the those of their mass of supplier companies, dealers etc benefitted no?
  7. All the best for 2021 Philip. i doubt I'll ever see California but the coastal bits sound like an amazing place, where bright mInds and technology meet the worst of wanton destructive consumerism...like the birth and death of the world's future rolled into one!
  8. Very very good - and a genuinely beautiful girl (as was ms Nicks at that age) - wonder if she'll be able to handle it better.
  9. No matter, the 'Weed are back and 25 years just drop away. Aussie pub rock as we remember , and some sanity returns to the world.... (crank it!)
  10. Playing covers in 2015 - '69 Epiphone ...and playing originals last year '84 Aria Pro ll
  11. A few favourites: when giants walked the earth - led zep anvil, the story of anvil just kids - Patti smith (pre her music career though)
  12. Yep - a hard rock band together for so long and so many albums without: ...doing a softer/unplugged/soul etc album...bringing in keyboards/horn section/full friggen orchestra on tour....turning religious/environmental/political and sharing their views on it with us through song...marrying trashy actress types and making tabloid front pages ....doing endless high priced reunion tours with 'meet the band' packages for the rich...putting more reverb on the snare and chorus on the lead...wearing Lycra or makeup....overdosing in LA....'arty' videos... bloody legends!
  13. c'mon Rabs it's sex,DRINK, and rock n roll with these boys (which is part of the charm). I too prefer Bon's lyrics and the 70's had most of the best songs, but Brian is just as nice and funny a bloke...him and Bon would have been best mates given the chance.
  14. For 3 minutes it was the 80's and I was a teenager again, maybe driving my Mini in summer with the windows down and the cassette player rocking. And that's a good place to be.
  15. Sad to hear. I wasn't into their music, but he had that charming grin and may have been responsible for the sale of more 'trem' systems than anyone ever!
  16. Thanks Rabs - these days it's nice to look forward to something that does not change. Hoping for the new Dinosaur Jr albums soon too - they've previewed a couple of songs live.
  17. My 69 Epi was made alongside the SGs and has the same super skinny neck. It takes a bit of adjustment but after a while of playing its just fine. I have no technique so it makes little difference but I'd prefer skinny over wide neck. I should probably sell it as I don't really need 2 guitars - have sort of given the 61 MM to my son, though it's still sitting here, which would just leave me with my old Aria Pro ll to use myself - but it is a nice friendly old guitar ( a bit fugly though so not really a vanity thing)
  18. See if you can spot the difference... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kTG6I3jxdnc http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2muttuo8mXc
  19. FZF - it's the strange thing about musical taste...I mean we both enjoy Beefheart right?....but if there is a 24 hour a day background soundtrack played in Hell then I am quietly confident it would be Supertramp. Sh!t just typing the name of the band makes me hear that voice...I don't even know what instruments they play....I can't get past that voice. I better go do a few good deeds now just in case.
  20. Ebony just looks the best on fingerboards to my eyes (black ebony, not Taylor ebony).
  21. I can't help on the building. To me they are kind of painted chunks of wood with bits stuck on and in them....but, the important thing is that it should be shaped in a way that a graphic artist could paint it to look like a cool cartoon cat (probably a fat male cat crouched facing forward). Maybe the neck could look like its tail sticking up? I don't know. I'm not a graphic artist. A graphic artist would know how to draw it. Therefore, people who like bands but don't know about guitars would still know that Slash plays a roundy looking one, and Angus plays a pointy looking one, and in the same way that you, Dub , play the cat looking one. That's the thing. That is indeed cool
  22. I'd say quite a bit, but only to an extent. My first and greatest love (at the risk of repetition - go Rabs and Fester!) was AC/DC, especially TNT to Powerage but up to Flick of the Switch....so to me Rock was Guitar/Bass/Drums/Vocals with pentatonic based solos and overdriven guitars and big rhythm section. so....that meant some other bands I generally liked (Motorhead, early Iron Maiden, Skynyrd and many Aussie pub/hard rock bands), others it depended more on the album (Led Zep, GnR, Metallica, Neil Young, ZZ Top, KISS, Floyd, Sabbath, TRex...) and some almost depended on the song (Doors, Rainbow, Nick Cave, Thorogood, Jimi, Beefheart, Ted and many others)...but all in some basic relation to AC/DC'ness. Then grunge came along and that also hit the spot, probably more at the album song level but definitely in live concert - interesting take on hard rock - love it! Nowadays, I mainly listen to live recordings of the above, and many more, rather than albums - I think that's much more so since I started playing live myself starting at 43 yo. But I also listen to heaps of classical, jazz and middle eastern/Maghreb/West Asian instrumental stuff - mainly as background music rather than caring about who composed it or how it is played - its nice to listen passively. The songs I write would be maybe be considered grunge'ish...definitely influenced by Dinosaur Jr, Pearl Jam and so on, but they still have just a hint of AC/DC about them and lend themselves to our lead stunt guitarist often delving into the pentatonic despite his shredding leanings and capability 😁...so the inner 12 year old dies hard I guess.
  23. My guess is 2021 and it will complete the trilogy being titled Songs of Irrelevance
  24. C'mon Chris, you are better than that. Breathe out and delete man.
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