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  1. Apples and Oranges...Love my Les Pauls (I have 3), but I also love my Stratocasters (I have 3 of those as well). Different sounds...look at many of the masters though...they go back and forth...Beck, early Clapton, EJ, Joe Walsh, Joe B., etc. (although I don't ever recall seeing Jimmy Page playing a Strat).
  2. Don't know. I own one, I love it, but I haven't taken it apart and looked at the electronics. Plays well AND I love the the fact that the input jack is located on the side. Sorry I could not be of more help.
  3. Interesting viewpoints all from some very knowledgeable people I'm sure. I've been playing guitar for 35 years. I own 7 Gibsons. I also own 6 Heritage guitars that I have managed to keep with very few modifications (why have a kept them though?). They are as good or better than my Gibsons, however, I never saw it as a competition. Gibson makes great guitars, Heritage makes great guitars. The sale to local K'zoo investors is probably the best thing to happen to Heritage. The website has been updated, I believe they may even have something related to a marketing function, and, yes, there are still some of the original investors still active (themselves, physically making the guitars). People who do not subscribe to Heritage guitars will bash the hell out of 'em, but they are very nice guitars with a very nice price point. Now you can all bash the hell out of me for expressing my opinion. Ready, set, go...
  4. Will have to do later. File too large.
  5. Interesting to note that the serial number seems to be real...Nashville made, February 10, 2007, production number 265.
  6. Money can play a big role in getting into more of an archtop type of guitar. I have a couple of modestly priced archtops (Epi ES 175, Gibson ES 135-GREAT for jazz, Ibanez Metheny-the less expensive one, Guild X-170) that I enjoy and play regularly (if I ever gigged, these would be my "go-to's"). I also have a couple of guitars that would be a step up (Heritage H550, 575, 530)in the range of $1500-2000 that are wonderful. As I am a collector and hobbyist, I am not ready to get into the higher end Gibsons (I reserve that for my solid bodies), but I do enjoy going into specialty shops and playing them every now and then. Just my two cents
  7. Nice! I actually scored a Kalamazoo Model 1 quite a while ago now. I found it by the side of the road on trash day. It is in remarkably good condition, but I think it needs a cap job (loud HUM), and a 3 prong cord. Your post inspires me so I think I will take it to my amp guy and use it in my office. Thanks!
  8. Yes! I watched this a couple of times before deciding to comment. I agree with Joe 150%. We live in a "cut and paste" digital world. Nobody is in a studio anymore as an ensemble. Most of the top 40 crap you hear (99% anyway)was done in Pro Tools and was cut and pasted and quantized from past performances of other people. Drummers don't need to keep time anymore...you can fix it in the mix. That's why so many of these top 40 acts sound so bad live (watched Palladia lately?). Because they never really performed the song in the studio...it was done digitally. I am sure to be lambasted for my view, but, yes, I agree to Joe 150%!!
  9. No worries! Enjoy the Supro. I am with you on the Twin and the Deluxe, but they are too loud for what I do (which is play in my Condo most of the time)...would love to have either (although my Blues Jr. fills the bill fairly well).
  10. Do you smoke? A lot? I developed Reynaud's Syndrome (spelling?)years ago as a result of smoking (and inhaling) too many cigars. Reynaud's is numbness and tingling in the extremities. I quit smoking cigars (and cigaretes) 8 years ago and the issue has subsided considerably. I still play guitar with no issues whatsoever, but I do notice the tingling in my hands when I work out. Might be something to think about. Good luck.
  11. Very sad to hear about Yogi. My wife and I have no kids...only our dog Duke, and our hearts will break when he goes (he is reaching middle age now). I get choked up just thinking about it, but we both feel good in the fact that we got Duke a day before he was to be euthanized (he is a rescue). Wonderful work on the song btw...excellent!
  12. Just looked it up on the Swart website...it's call a Pro NL panel that offers the external speaker output and a nightlight option.
  13. I've owned the Swart about a year now (bought it used at Elderly Music in Lansing for $1000). My amp came with a connection in back for an external speaker (I believe you can buy these parts from Swart and modify the amp yourself). I love this amp and will take it to the grave! Very smooth clean sounds, but it also takes pedals very nicely (I use a Zendrive for distortion and an EHX Soul Food for clean drive).
  14. When I was 8 years old, my sister got a little toy guitar (basically a box with chicken wire for strings). I started playing around with it as a young kid. My earliest memory with a song was while watching "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" by Sam Peckinpah. Bob Dylan had a bit role in the movie as a cook, but more importantly, they used "Knockin on Heaven's Door" in the movie. I picked it up on that little guitar. First song I ever learned )by ear of course. That was 35 years ago. Fun memories. Why I stayed with it? Why not! I moved to a crappy Epi acoustic, then eventually, started adding guitars to my arsenal (I now have 35). I should note that I am not a professional musician...just someone who has a passion for guitars and music in general. I collect and play as a way to relax in a very chaotic world!
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