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  1. Awesome band...best thing to come out of Flint, MI ever! Back in '75 Farner played a Gibson L5S...I've been obsessed with them ever since (unfortunately, if you can find one...they are, like, $4,000.00)....
  2. As I stated earlier, I have an ES 135. I am getting ready to re-string. I'd be curious to know what others are using. Being that this is an archtop, and that I bought it primarily for Jazzy, bluesy stuff, I am looking at stringing with flatwound 11's. Anybody doing anything different?
  3. Damn! Looks like a Korina Explorer...Clapton played one of these during his '75 tour...you can hear it on the live album "EC Was Here" and it sounds so much more awesome than his "Budokon" album...I might was well add that one to the list...
  4. It's a very sweet guitar...I may need to look for one now! Dammit!
  5. Gibson L5S!! The 70's models are WAY out of my $$ range... Ibanez 70's Musician, Artist, or Bob Wier model...
  6. Yes, it's sad, but collecting is my passion. I have something like 18 guitars now with no plans to get rid of any. Two weeks ago I just purchases a Heritage H 150 Custom. I figure I'd like to eventually add an ES 339, and a Fender Telecaster and that should do it for me. Of course, if I were to run into an L5S, that might be interesting also...
  7. Are you sure that isn't an ES 137...the 135's have the Chromyte center block. The 137's are mahogany with the stop tail piece. Whatever it is, it looks sweet!! I have an '01 135 blueburst that is wonderful!
  8. Porcupine Tree!!!!! As a child of the seventies, I had been hopelessly lost in 70's bands until I discovered Porcupine Tree and Ozric Tentacles. Two great newer bands (I say newer but both have been around for, like, 20 years)...
  9. I've got 130,000+ miles on my "Exploder" and it still looks and runs beautifully. Of course, I've taken very good care of it (scheduled maintenance etc). The engine is somewhat of a dog until you end up in a foot of snow...then my baby shines like daylight!
  10. In a sea of distortion pedals, my BK Butler Tube Driver SMOKES!!
  11. Congrats...that is one sexy guitar!
  12. Don't do it!! Buy a Gretsch instead. Most of them are relatively inexpensive, great guitars, and have Bigsby's already installed. Sorry, but an ES 175 with P-90's is a very nice guitar...don't modify it or you may regret it....
  13. Sailjunkie


    Yes, I'm pretty sure it means factory second, but don't fret...many factory seconds might have some small blemish somewhere in the finish...typically no big deal...
  14. I bought a used SG Standard a while back in Natural Burst, and it is a SWEET guitar! I picked it up for around $900.00. Has a few scratches and nicks, but plays really nice. It is now a part of my collection (some 18 guitars...I think). (I'd attach a picture if I could figure out how...on this website anyway).
  15. Everbody's different...I LOVE archtops for jazz, but, back in the 70's, I was more into Jeff Beck (Blow by Blow, Wired), Dimeola, Steve Khan etc. They were all playing solid bodies. Then I discovered Pat Metheny, and his influences, influenced me. I've also always loved Steve Howe's playing, and both he and Metheny played ES 175's. Since I couldn't afford a Gibson, I bought a brand new Epi ES 175, and, say what you will about Epiphone, but this guitar is damn sweet for $470.00 (ordered on sale from GC). I've since picked up one of my dream guitars...a Heritage H 575, and it is amazing. Anyway, a lot of guitar players play both solid body and hollow body guitars. The solid body is great for fusion type stuff while the archtops are more traditional (Wes type stuff)...just my two cents...
  16. Yes, and I'm a Newbie again! Hooray!:)
  17. I'll tell you...if you get that thing working with your guitar (and good luck!)...let us all know. You can find these on ebay for dirt cheap. Of course, you can also find Leslie cabs on CL with the preamp for around $400.00 (give or take). My favorite guitar effect on the planet.
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