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    Louisiana; but, my heart is in Oklahoma
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    Started teaching myself to play, after being injured on an offshore drilling rig. 6 surgeries and 9 years later, I'm not really that good at playing; but, I have a nice collection of guitars that I have purchased and a few that I have built. I own two Epis, 1 Gibson, 1 Fender, 4 G &Ls, 1 Gretsch, 1 Reverend, 2 Eastwoods, 1 Cordoba, 2 Alvarez, 1 Peavey EVH Wolfenstein, 1 Travel guitar, I have built 4 SGs, 4 strats, 3 teles and a jazzmaster. I play with a gospel group; we call ourselves the "Ole' Folks". Our pianist is 58 and the youngest member. Our steel guitar player is 75 and the oldest. I fit in the middle at 64.
  1. I think you had given me the number of your case....this one is the EEMCS, or something close.....It is, I believe, a new case and not all the dealers have or know about it. Just call Gibson/Epiphone in Nashville and ask them the model number for the case for the "Epiphone Emperor Swingster Royal"...at least, that's what I did. And, as I said, the case came in yesterday. It is a smooth leather type material and has a very distinct bump when the trem bar has to fit. It has five latches, three on the front, two in the back...I just really had a rough time finding it as no one listed the case as being for this guitar. That's why I went to Gibson and asked....probably should have done that in the first place.......the important thing is that my new "baby" is now safe and sound in her case.....which is where she should be, at 6:00 am. I think I will go get some shut eye........all those years in the oilfield has my clock all screwed up....either that, or I am a vampire....;-) Jim
  2. No, you don't. If you move it back as far as it will go, it fits very nicely. There is a "bubble" in the case that allows for the bar. As I said, I'm very pleased.
  3. Yes, today, I found that out. The case arrived today and to be honest, it is one of the nicest cases I have ever seen/owned. I don't know how the faux leather will hold up; but, out of the box, it is outstanding!! The guitar fits snuggly inside and the latches, except for one, all snap closed tightly!...One of them was a little stubborn buy finally yielded.... Many thanks for the information and if anyone reading this should have any doubts, the case fits perfectly!!!
  4. Yes, I finally figured it out; but, the one on the first guitar were very nice, so I didn't notice they were of a temporary type. So when the new one had really sloppy stickers, and there wasn't anything in the packing to explain what they were for, I wanted to bring it to someone's attention. But, the more I looked at them, the less I liked them and decided to take them off. That's when I realized they were temporary. It looks a lot better, without them, I think that goes without saying; but, they could have mentioned, somewhere, that the things were just temporary. It's like having to go through so many different stores to find the correct case. Each one gave me a different case number, and I even got a few from the forum; but, it wasn't until I called Gibson/Epi that I got the straight info. It just would have been nice if the information would have come with the guitar; or, better yet, the guys selling it would have known which case I needed. But, rather than complain about the little stuff, I will say, once again, this is a really nice guitar and sounds good on either one of my four amps, tube and solid state. It feels good and has a solid feel to it as well. I hope I get to enjoy it for a long, long time......which is a pretty important wish, when you are 65... Many thanks to all the people and their input. The new case arrives tomorrow and I won't have to worry about my grand children putting a dent in her. Takes a lot of stress out of owning guitars.. Have a great Easter...and God Bless. Jim
  5. Under the tone pots, the are putting decals that explain the pots function, since the pickups run in either parallel or series. I guess it they didn't think we could figure it out....they really look crappy and it's a shame it's on such a nice guitar..
  6. Yes, according to Gibson/EPi, this is the correct case and does not require removal of the trem bar.....
  7. Yes, I checked the case at Musician's Friend; but, because it didn't list this guitar, specifically, I didn't want to take a chance that the bigsby would be a problem and their guy couldn't assure me it was the correct one. So, I called Gibson/Epiphone. Sam Ash uses the Epi model number in their number, so I was sure of the right case. Might be the same case; but, you never know. And, yes, it is a great guitar, much richer than my Gretsch 5120, more full bodied. JIm
  8. I didn't get into guitars, until later in life. I was injured in an offshore drilling accident and needed something to occupy my hands and mind. Since I always wanted to play, sing or do something musically, I settled on the guitar. Living in a rural community, lessons weren't an option, so I did the best I could, with online courses and books/DVDs. I really didn't accomplish much, as far as skill goes; but, I did manage to build 6 guitars, strats and teles. Since I don't have a formal shop area, I really didn't get things rolling in that direction. Then, I found Ebay........that was my ruination!! I got up to 20 guitars real quick!! Then, someone broke into the house, got nine guitars, three amps, an lcd computer screen, all my wife's jewelry and some prescription meds. About $20,000.00. It was quite a set back. But, it didn't take long and I'm back up to 22 with samples of Fender, Epiphone, Gretsch, Gibson, G & L, Reverend, Eastwood, Peavey, Alvarez, Cordoba, Carvin and Silvertone. Not to mention the 4 that I have built, that I still own. I've been fortunate enough to give away a couple, to young people interested in learning to play, at our Church. I've go a Mustang V Head with 4x12 cab, Peavey Valve King 112, a peavey Vyper and a Roland Micro Rx for amps. So, as I've said, I've got way too much for a guy that will soon be 65, some of it I think might be collectible, someday. But, I'll give to the grand kids and sell the rest on Ebay. Hopefully, they will get really nice owners that will appreciate them and take good care of them, as I have. Oh, my latest two projects are a jazzmaster with custom wound pickups in a TV Yellow and a see thru black strat with H-S-H Seymour Duncans with split coils. Both are really nice. I've got another strat in the works, probably do a "David Gilmour" on it and while I have no idea what I will do with it, it will be a fun project. Hope you continue building, as long as you are able....I think, in the long run, that's where the real fun is. Take care. Jim
  9. Some of you may have seen my post regarding the faulty wiring/switch that caused me to return my new Swingster. American Musical Supply was great and sent me a new guitar, immediately. A really good company. So, the new guitar arrived today and first thing I noticed was how badly the box was crushed. It made me very happy that the guitar was in an actual Epi box. Though, I would have preferred to have it in a case. Anyway, in moving the box about, I noticed a rattle, so I thought the worst. What had happened was the tremolo bar was not tightened well enough at the factory and it had come loose. You can imagine how pleased I was that the guitar body sustained no damage, so the bar probably wasn't flopping around that long. Still, I gave the guitar a very thorough going over. Everything seemed perfect, until I reached for the tone knobs. They didn't look quite right, so I turned on a bright light and was shocked to see that the decals around the knobs were all puckered, wrinkled and not sticking to the body. First I was disappointed that they went such a cheap route, the decals, over an engraved label; but, I would have satisfied if the labels were, at least, put on properly. All in all, it's not enough to return the guitar over, it's just too nice a guitar and I really don't want the aggrevation; but, it seems to me that, considering both guitars, Epi has a quality control problem at one of their plants. I've contacted support and advised them of the problem and asked them to send me a couple of sets of these decals, as they will probably need replacement a couple of times, in the years ahead. Hopefully, they will come through for me. Oh, and about the case, I called Gibson/Epiphone and got the information about the proper case. It's the hollow-body case: EMCS is the designation. I checked with all the online sellers and only Sam Ash had the correct cash on hand. $89.00 with free shipping. So, for about 840.00, total, I get a really nice guitar and case and some crappy stickers.........hope Epi takes care of the latter... That makes guitar number 22, for me. Guess I need to start clearing out a few on Ebay. It's a shame, too, as I have some really nice guitars and haven't the slightest idea which to let go first; but, at 65, it's time to let go of something......... Have a great weekend. Jim
  10. Yes, as you say, it can be frustrating; and, in my case, it was drive 3 hours, one way, to see one or order it online. Looking back, the six hours drive might have been worth it. But, I've got faith and hope that all will work out! Thanks for the info......now, if I could just find that case...........
  11. Well, with a great deal of expectation, I opened up the box, holding my brand new Emperor Swingster Royale. Black with gold dust!! A really unique look. It felt great in my hands and had a very nice acoustic sound to it. So far, so good. Then, I headed for my tube amp and plugged her in............dead silence. Fooled with the switches a little and got some sound from the middle position. Tried the single pickup positions and got nothing. Then, I put in back in the middle position and tried the push/pull pots.......got nothing but static!! So, I switched cables, three times with only intermittent sounds. I tried three other amps I have and got the same results. So, my "dusty beauty" is enroute back to whence it came from. Fortunately, American Musical Supply is swapping it out and a new one will be on it's way!! Still, very frustrating. I spent hours swapping it around, checking for loose wires, or switches; but, somehow, it worked long enough to get through a quick inspection and get shipped out. Hope this isn't a sign of what's to come from Epi..... Anyway, I'll be getting my swap out in a few days and I hope all goes well with it. It truly is a nice guitar and I was looking forward to spending the next few days learning more about her. Oh, I do need one thing, if anyone happens to read this......I need a case that fits her. There are a number of cases out there that might fit; but, with the bixby included, I am worried that the top of the case might put pressure on the guitar. I checked with, AMS, Sam Ash, Sweetwater and Musicians Friend, online and not one of them could promise that the cases they have would fit. There doesn't seem to be one available for this guitar, at least, not yet. Any help would be appreciated. Oh, since this is my first post, I might as well get it all in. I've got a beautiful 1999 Epi Dot that is perfect, in almost every way; but, the tuners are weak and I need an exact replacement, making sure the holes match, etc... Any after market tuners out there that might do a really good job?? Thanks, I appreciate the opportunity to relate my experience and possibly get some help.
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