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  1. It really depends. If you know you intend to sell it in the future then resale value is a concern. if you intend to keep it then resale is irrelevant and you ought to do whatever you want to make it more inspiring to you.
  2. That sucks. I got mine at Guitar Center a few weeks ago, no issues. I hope your luck improves.
  3. I'd ask for a Les Paul with additional contouring for the forearm or a belly cut, essentially I don't want any corners. I'd also want stainless steel frets and locking tuners. Finish would be black, ebony fretboard with no inlays (side dots only), silver hardware.
  4. Hi

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  5. I do use an iMac with Garageband for recording, but I don't use any of the amp models in Garageband. They don't sound good to me. I have a USB sound interface, which has line in and mic inputs. I'll either use..... Line 6 Helix LT - when I'm recording late at night and don't want to make a lot of noise. This is used often because I have a 3rd shift work schedule, or the used when the Helix has onboard effects that I want to use. or, if I feel like making some noise, I put an SM57 mic in front of my Marshall 1960 cab and run either through a JVM205 or a little 1 watt JVM1H.
  6. Agreed. I like the mini humbuckers in my 2017 Firebird T. I also have mini humbuckers in my EB/MM Silhouette.
  7. Big Yes fan here. I'm primarily into bass and my weapon of choice is a Rick......largely due to Chris.
  8. GC doesn't pay much, so I opt to put my outgoing gear on consignment at a local guitar store. Seems like the consignment fee is well worth not having to deal with tire kickers and weirdos.
  9. I don't see the need to replace anything on my 2017 Firebird T. Someday I might consider getting a black pickguard, but thats purely cosmetic.
  10. I recently replaced my Les Paul Classic with a 2017 Firebird T. The Les Paul is an icon. I love the look and the tone, but for some reason I just don't get along with them from an ergonomic perspective. The body digs into my forearm and I usually end up switching to another guitar after a short time. I had never considered a Firebird because I thought they looked like they'd be awkward, but I don't have the forearm issue at all with it. I can play it as long as I want. I also dig the fact that it is a neck through design and everything feels shifted to the left a bit. This makes it feel similar to my favorite instrument, my Rickenbacker 4001 bass.
  11. I still buy CDs for a couple of reasons. If available, I buy CDs from band websites. When I can't get an album from the band, I also buy blank CDs to keep a hard copy of any album I purchase from iTunes or other digital only formats. I like the streaming technology, but I will not adopt it unless they start fairly compensating the artists. At the current rate, you'd probably never stream an album often enough to generate the same amount of $ an artists would get from a CD. So as it stands now, I won't use services like Spotify.
  12. This is probably my favorite Zep tune.
  13. Not watching at all this year. I'm not sure why either, just not interested.
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