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  1. I'd ask for a Les Paul with additional contouring for the forearm or a belly cut, essentially I don't want any corners. I'd also want stainless steel frets and locking tuners. Finish would be black, ebony fretboard with no inlays (side dots only), silver hardware.
  2. I do use an iMac with Garageband for recording, but I don't use any of the amp models in Garageband. They don't sound good to me. I have a USB sound interface, which has line in and mic inputs. I'll either use..... Line 6 Helix LT - when I'm recording late at night and don't want to make a lot of noise. This is used often because I have a 3rd shift work schedule, or the used when the Helix has onboard effects that I want to use. or, if I feel like making some noise, I put an SM57 mic in front of my Marshall 1960 cab and run either through a JVM205 or a little 1 watt JVM1H.
  3. Agreed. I like the mini humbuckers in my 2017 Firebird T. I also have mini humbuckers in my EB/MM Silhouette.
  4. Big Yes fan here. I'm primarily into bass and my weapon of choice is a Rick......largely due to Chris.
  5. GC doesn't pay much, so I opt to put my outgoing gear on consignment at a local guitar store. Seems like the consignment fee is well worth not having to deal with tire kickers and weirdos.
  6. I don't see the need to replace anything on my 2017 Firebird T. Someday I might consider getting a black pickguard, but thats purely cosmetic.
  7. I recently replaced my Les Paul Classic with a 2017 Firebird T. The Les Paul is an icon. I love the look and the tone, but for some reason I just don't get along with them from an ergonomic perspective. The body digs into my forearm and I usually end up switching to another guitar after a short time. I had never considered a Firebird because I thought they looked like they'd be awkward, but I don't have the forearm issue at all with it. I can play it as long as I want. I also dig the fact that it is a neck through design and everything feels shifted to the left a bit. This makes it feel similar to my favorite instrument, my Rickenbacker 4001 bass.
  8. I still buy CDs for a couple of reasons. If available, I buy CDs from band websites. When I can't get an album from the band, I also buy blank CDs to keep a hard copy of any album I purchase from iTunes or other digital only formats. I like the streaming technology, but I will not adopt it unless they start fairly compensating the artists. At the current rate, you'd probably never stream an album often enough to generate the same amount of $ an artists would get from a CD. So as it stands now, I won't use services like Spotify.
  9. This is probably my favorite Zep tune.
  10. Not watching at all this year. I'm not sure why either, just not interested.
  11. I wouldn't know since I don't listen to pop music.
  12. I think it's cool for those who are honored, but I'm not going to watch unless they are honoring an artist that interests me. Didn't seem so this year so I didn't watch.
  13. For me, the best model Les Pauls are the chambered LP Classics. I play rock and dig the higher output pickups and thinner neck profile. It doesn't weigh much and balance is no issue. Finally, it fit my budget better than most LPs. ;)
  14. Between a Fender Jazz and a Gibson bass, I generally prefer the Jazz bass. Their neck profile is very easy to play, so much so that I have seen several Precision bass guitars with Jazz necks. Longer scale length seems to help if you want to use alternate tunings, shorter scale basses have less tension on the strings and could feel too floppy if you intend to use lower pitched tunings. I have a Steinberger from the 90's, outstanding bass guitar. The graphite neck is extremely stable and it doesn't sound like other basses. I know Gibson own Steinberger, but are they producing anything under that brand these days?
  15. This is strange to me. If I'm going to invest in an expensive instrument then I'm going to play the hell out of it and get my $s worth. If I have an instrument that sits around for too long without use (or I feel it is being underutilized) I sell it and get something I'll use more.
  16. First off, CONGRATS! 1. When I got my Gibson I registered via the same website you posted. 2. no idea, I'd start here http://gibson.com/Support/Schematics.aspx 3. I believe they come with 10's, likely .010 to .046 4. I'm not familiar with that kit.
  17. I read about the difference in width and wondered why people were making a big deal about it......until I played one. I didn't think a couple millimeters would feel any different, but it did, so I can sympathize a bit with the player who is used to the Gibson neck profiles and wanted an additional guitar with a similar feel. That said, it didn't feel bad, just different. It certainly wasn't unplayable and I don't think it would take much to get used to. I think the major problem with 2015 was that they tried to push several changes across the whole line without giving players a choice. Offering both the HP and trad lines like they do now is what they should have done.
  18. Congrats Chris. I think much of the hate the 2015s get is due to the fact that there were multiple changes across the range at the same time with no traditional offerings. No other choice was given that year so buyers were unable to opt out of the wider neck, gforce tuners, adjustable nut, or the other changes that year. Not everyone liked or even wanted some of these changes, and they increased prices as well. I don't think there would have been near as much hostility if they had done what they are doing now, which is having different lines where buyers can select more traditional or more modern features.
  19. I enjoyed the first run of the show around 2000. A couple of the Mythbusters (Grant and Jaimie) competed. It was on a major network a couple years ago and the Science Channel has picked up the reruns from the recent seasons. I hope they do some new episodes.
  20. I like it. Didn't look PRS to me, I thought it was closer to a Peavey Wolfgang/Les Paul hybrid.
  21. Bogner Shiva head, Mesa 2x12 horizontal cab or Marshall JVM1h (1 watt head) through the same Mesa cab when I don't want to disturb the entire house.
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