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  1. My grandfather willed to me his 1953 Century Archtop a few years back, and I have been wanting to find a few of the missing parts. I have searched the web for hours upon hours and have found absolutely nowhere that sells the old tin peghead name badge. Has anyone else been fortunite enought to find someone that has them?
  2. I ALWAYS play with Elixer Poly Web 12's. when i was Playing 5 nights a week they would last about 3x longer than anything else I tried...now I swear by them and will never use another brand!
  3. I would have gone with the Texan as well...infact I'll be stopping by my local guitar shop to pick mine up tomorrow!!
  4. I love it! Mine is the older version (pre e-sonic 2 pre amp system). The only issue I've had is when playing it live, a sound hole cover is a must!
  5. I started out with 10's on my EJ-200CE and found they were incredibly too light. I've since moved to 12's Elixer Nano Webs and love the sound as well as feel of the strings
  6. Hi Everyone, As the title suggests, I am a new member to the forum and wanted to say hello. I'm up to 9 guitars in my collection, (including four Epiphones) as well as a mandolin and banjo. My current Epiphone collection includes: 1951 Century Arch Top, EJ-200CE, AJ-100, and Dove. In the near future, I plan on expanding to also the Inspired by 1964 Texan, EJ-160E John Lennon Signature, and the Hummingbird Artist. I look forward to discussing the wonderful line of guitars with you all. Ronnie
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